Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I think, therefore I can still do homework...

Yet again, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth. Still here... Kinda... sorta... yeah...

I started graduate school for Architectural History in September and we’re in quarters down here in this lovely southern school. Meaning that I have 5 more days of classes scattered over this week and next. Okay, 5 1/2 counting today, I’m certainty not. With these last two weeks I’ve been swamped with school work. I had a half hour presentation on Monday, a much shorter one today, another short one coming up on Tuesday, a 15 page killer research paper, a final in one of my classes on Monday, and an all out evil project for another class.

I’ve been slaving over my 15 page paper. I haven’t done a research paper in oh, hm... 4 years. Not since sophomore year of college and that was on Harry Potter! In my defense, it was a Harry Potter class... Needless to say, I’m rusty. And to top off the cake, I’m doing in in Chicago formatting, with footnotes. I’ve never done either. I’ve done MLA and dappled with APA, but I had never touched Chicago formatting before, ever. This paper is just a wee bit daunting, and it’s due on a week from today. My lovely paper is on Egyptian funerary architecture, particularly the evolution of the pyramids. And on a good note I have 9.5 pages; only 4.5 to go.


Why am I not working on it now? Well, I had been but I’m actually at school and don’t have some of my notes with me or books. The books are heavy and I walk to class (a 2 mile, 40 minute walk). I’m a bit disgruntled I forgot my notes, but I was working on it before. I just keep getting bored and distracted since I have the internet and a lack of material to draw from.

In my defense, I have 2.5 more pages since I’ve been typing today. HA! That’s a lot more productive than I’ve been in the past week I’ve been working on it. Seriously, I spit out 2 pages in half an hour. It took me an 8 hour day to write the first 5 pages. Part of the progression is due to the presentation I gave on Monday. It was on my topic, and insanely helpful, even if I nearly hurled at the end. Apparently my stomach decided that it was a good idea for me to stop or else it would revolt all over the computer I was standing behind.

That’s what I’ve been doing since I posted last. I spent some time yesterday sewing, started a new quilt from scraps, that won’t be done for a good long time unless I miraculously finish this paper and get it proofed and perfect within the next 24 hours (hahahaha... not happening). I should get back to trying to add material to my paper. It’s going to be a birch to proofread, oh well, there is alcohol at the end of the tunnel...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going round with green

I was fairly unproductive over the weekend in terms of working on my 15 page research paper. But I did manage to make a pattern AND sew something from it. Golly gee, did I feel productive! Well... maybe not where I need to feel productive in. I should have been looking at pyramids, not swirly green fabric.

See, isn’t the green fabric pretty? And tempting? How could I say no to making something pretty out of that fabric? Well, I couldn’t. I have a hobo bag I bought from Target a few years ago and it’s slowly starting to come apart. I thought it would be a good idea to create a pattern from what I liked about it. This pattern needs a bit of tweaking to it, but overall I’m happy with how it worked out.

I made a few changes to the Target bag, like not putting in any lining. I didn’t get my head around how to do that until I was putting the finishing touches on my lovely green bag. I may add lining at a later date, but that’s when I buy more fabric. I’m trying to deplete my excessive stash that I brought down to Georgia with me and it’s slow going. The skirt I made was another project from my stash and I have a second purse in the work. We shall see what else comes from the stash in terms of projects.

And yes, I'm modeling the bag in my pj's. I remembered to photograph this right before NCIS yesterday, and I was all ready for bed before hand. I wear socks with skirts and am ready for bed by 8... Not really, just the random times I remember 'oh hey I need to take a picture!'

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Falling for mums

Back in July and August, before I moved down to Georgia I had a little bit of fun with my camera's macro option. As usual... Outside in my front yard my mother had planted mums. I think by the time August rolled around she was quite frustrated with them. They look lovely when they're in bloom, but once they wilt they look hideous! Just when my mother went to pull the plants up, they'd have flowers again. Ah, the endless cycle of nature.

I had the opportunity one day to take my camera and capture some of the flowers beauty before the died and annoyed my mother even further. I was so happy with the clarity in these. Even though my camera says it has a 10x zoom, sometimes the zoom isn't clear, or agreeable. I managed to get a few really nice shots and I thought I'd share. Here is one of the red/orange mums.
I love the contrasting colors of the petals to the inner section and the scattered of the yellow/white around the center. The combination of colors reminds me of the fall leaves. The leaves which Georgia is lacking here. As my roommate has said, the leaves don't change colors, they just die right off the trees. I feel Georgia's fall isn't as spectacular as it is up north, but I am partial to the northern weather habits.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Plaid winter wishing skirt

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Yet... I've been super busy adjusting to graduate school down here in Georgia. This weekend was super fun with 3 days of work and an annotated bibliography, test, and presentation all on Monday. Today I have a project due as well. All of that school work left no time for sewing, it's going to send me into withdrawn, not a good thing!

I did manage to get a skirt sewn a few weeks ago. I know, I'm horrible at getting things posted. It took me forever to get a picture of it and then I got distracted (by homework, shiny objects, and perhaps a glass of wine...).
I whipped the skirt together without a pattern, not bad for never doing something like this before. The material is bottom suiting, so it's a bit thick and was a pain and a half to attempt to iron flat (let's just say it didn't happen in some places, stupid stubborn material). I won't be able to wear the skirt for another month or three as it's still 80 degrees down here in Georgia. I believe the skirt would be better off in my native Ohio for this time of year.
Do pardon the socks here, my feet were cold. I slipped the skirt on before I walked to class, which requires wearing socks. Why you ask? Because it takes 40 minutes for me to travel from my apartment to the building where I have classes. Yes, it's a long walk, but it goes by fast for the most part. I may sew later on today, so let's hope there isn't as much of a gap between posts. Or I may just have to start posting about what I'm learning in class. Anyone up for architecture history?

Thursday, September 23, 2010


As I blow massive amounts of dust off this blog I have to sincerely apologize in my lack of updating and lack of sewing. I do have a good reason for not posting in forever in a day... I swear!

The reason is simple: I moved. Across multiple state lines and 12 hours away from where I called home. In a place were a "cool front" is going from 90 degrees to 88 degrees. Not that I'm complaining about the heat, I like that. Seriously, that's not a cool front. A cool front goes from like 70 to 50 in a day.

Weather and new climate aside, I brought my sewing machine with me! I do have a projects in the works as well, but I have to totally take it apart and put it back together. Not looking forward to that, ugh... I'm also in graduate school and working, so that will slow down my updating and sewing. We'll see what fun things I get into down here, I think I may have to poke my head into some of the thrifts store that are scattered throughout the city.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Over the Top

I occasionally end up buying too much fabric for a project and end up having as much as a yard left over. Who hasn't though? I normally guess on the amount of fabric I need since I end up buying the clearance fabric at JoAnns and don't' have time to ponder which patterns I should use. Most of the time I have a little scrap left over the ends up in the form of a bag or wallet. The white wrap dress I made left me with maybe a yard or so of fabric, of stretch fabric to boot. I hate having excess fabric, it sits around mocking me. Sending off the "make something out of me" vibes. Most of the time the fabric just sits around not being used. That was until a few days ago!

At one of the lovely 99 cent sales at JoAnns I picked up a top pattern that I thought would work wonders since I had that left over fabric. Turns out I didn’t have the amount of fabric I needed for the pattern. BUT! I managed to manipulate the pattern so I have a shirt! I managed to beat the fabric, it thought it could just sit around taunting me. HA! Take that!

I normally don’t wear many of my sewn items out in public. I have a slight fear of people making a rude remark or having them look down on me because I sew. Especially since I work in retail and we HAVE to be nice to the customer (I think work should pay for my therapy of due to repressed feelings of wanting to smack stupid people). One of my coworkers couldn’t believe I sewed. Then again, I can’t blame her. I’m the only 22 year old girl I know who sews herself clothes. I told my coworker that I’d wear some of my clothes into work to show her what I’ve made. So far it’s just been this shirt on Friday. But Saturday I wore a tunic top that I have yet to photograph... and Sunday I wore my blue wrap dress. I received many compliments from my coworkers, which I did not expect. Ack... I have to wear something tomorrow that I sewed as well.

My lovely white top got the thumbs up from many of my coworkers who remarked that it was a cute top and then proceeded to ask me multiple times if I had really sewed the item after I told them it was hand made. I take that as a compliment. I’ve had a handful of customers comment on some of my dresses that I’ve worn to work (I wear dresses on Sundays as I go to mass and figure what the heck, I may as well look pretty). The customers tend to give me a somewhat nasty look after I inform them I’ve made the garment or they’re impressed. Normally I get the nasty look, which I kind of find amusing. They’re just jealous...

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who Wears Short Shorts?

I’m still here... and sewing... I swear! I’ve had a busy week attempting to get my ducks in a row for graduate school. I raced around this week attempting to find roommates because my parents had informed me that it was inappropriate for me to be living by myself. Something about it being “too expensive.” Don’t worry though, I’m in the process of fixing myself a super nice cardboard box!

So what have I been sewing? Things... Pretty things... Oh fine, I’ll show you!

I’m in desperate need of shorts since I’m moving to a warmer climate. This is my first pair of shorts/pants/item that’s not a skirt or dress or top. I’m fairly proud of it, even if it’s a bit short for my mother’s taste. I got the nice, “that’ll cover our butt?” when I showed it to her. Yes, yes, it covers my ass! My only hang up with these is there are no pockets on the butt. I could always change that, but I didn't have enough fabric with these.

I had to modify the pattern some as the measurements I took didn’t yield the desired result. I had to cut the pattern out twice and even then I had to take the sides out a slight bit. I do enjoy the plaid on the hem and inside the pockets. The next time I make these suckers I’m not going to line the pocket with denim at all. I’ll just use some of my scrap fabric (which there is a lot of) for some awesome detail. And maybe, just maybe I’ll start on another quilt here since I have so much extra fabric and don’t know what else to do with it.

And yes, I do realize the pockets bulge a wee bit. I'm not sure how to change that and I'm going to go crazy if I have to take out another stitch from these! I think if I pulled the front fabric down a bit and resewed they'd be fine. I'm good with them for now. Next time they'll be better.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gone Green

I attempted to find some spare time over my weekend to sew... Attempted. I had to work, volunteer, and hang out with friends I hadn’t seen in forever. Sewing sadly did not manage to squeeze its self anywhere in those topics, much to my dismay. I do believe my day needs about 6 more hours in it so I can have relaxing/sewing time. Not going to happen anytime soon.

I did manage to finish a dress I’ve been working on! I see your faces, you’re asking: another dress? Seriously Kat, another dress?? Hmph, would you rather I had sewed a tent? Oh, no, no you don’t like that idea? Good.

This dress gave me problems. We had a long battle, but I somehow manage to win (I may have cheated and threatened it with fire... but I WON!). The dress is from McCall's 6070 and I didn’t have to alter it in anyway, which made me happy. It was the freaken elastic that gave me problems! For part of the pattern elastic has to go around the horizontal panel, top and bottom. So I measure the elastic out and cut it to its specified length. All was good, it was great, then I fed the elastic through the tubes I made and there we ran into issues.

Did I sew the channels to narrow you ask? YES.... I can hear your laughter and your mocking, to which I glare. I got very friendly with my seam ripper and fixed my narrow channels, no problems the second time around. So you’re thinking I’m good to go right? NOPE. The elastic was too long. I pinned the elastic together and tried the freaking thing on to attempt to pull the loops of elastic that were sticking out of the channels, think that did any good? Noooo! I had to cut 9 inches of elastic off each piece!! NINE INCHES!!!!

After figuring that out, swearing, and sewing things togther it went great. I had to cut some of the length off so I didn’t look too short (I’m 5’4” just at the petit cut off) and then hem. The dress doesn’t technically have sleeves which makes it great for when I’m moving down south, I can stay cool and look cute.

Along with zippers, elastic has made its way onto my “EVIL NOTIONS LIST.” ENL for short. Stupid elastic...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Remnant Dress

I don’t know about where ya’ll are from but it’s been way too hot where I am. I have another dress to show you, this one is the same pattern as the last one and it was made in September. It's no where near as formal so I can wear it out a little more often, or at least I can wear it to work. I fished through the remnants to find the fabric and purchased them on a whim, thinking “I’ll find something to turn this into!” And something I did turn it into.

I modified the bodice a whole bunch as the pattern was waaaay to large for my girls. The zipper was taken out no less than five times so I could mess with the bodice and attempt to line things up, which didn’t exactly happen. I do wear this one with something covering my shoulders as most of the time I’m too lazy to drag out my strapless bra. So it all works out in the end. I don’t have to wear an uncomfortable bra and I can hide my mistake in lining this up!

I’m currently working on another dress, but I’m having some small issue with the elastic I’m using on it. Hopefully I’ll have things worked out soon so I can get pictures in that. Then those pesky shorts should be to follow.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

I did a little bit of organizing in my closet today and managed to stumble across one of my dresses that got me back into sewing. The black dress was made my junior year of college, so only 3 years ago. Yikes, it’s been that long? Doesn't seem like it's been 3 years...

I made the dress for formal recruitment at my college, I was part of a sorority and we needed to have black dresses. Mind you, the year before we had to have RED dresses, which I still have, but our Headquarters changed what color all chapters had to have. Ever so kind of them... I spent the whole summer trying to find a black, strapless dress, that fit me well. Oh, and the dress had to be knee length. I came up empty handed for 2 months, so I gave up searching and went to JoAnns for a pattern and some fabric.

Aside from some minor holes due to sewing over misplaced fabric I love how this turned out! I added the black ribbon in the middle to cover the awkward seam that appeared. It was also my first time using boning, that was a very interesting experience. What I used was some type of plastic boning that JoAnns no longer sells.

I’ve worn this dress twice, yes twice. It’s too nice of a dress to wear to church or anywhere casually. I’d love to find someplace to where this to in order to get some more wear out of it, that probably won’t happen anytime soon, but at least I know I have a killer dress resting in the back of my closet.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Blues Got Me

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've made the Hope Wrap dress before. I haven't had time to get a picture of it because it's been sitting in the back of my closet. I haven't worn it since I finished it in, oh March? The dark blue color makes me think it's more of a fall/winter/early spring deal. Although, I tend to ignore what I should wear in what season, so this might make an appearance sometime this summer if it gets cool enough.

I think this dress turned out a bit better than my white one. There isn't as much problem in my chest area, I still chose to wear a cami under it though. I can't get away with not wearing one at work or church. This fabric was something I found on clearance, and of course I have extra. And this time the hem isn't as horrid! If I fiddled with the back of the dress it would hang straight, but I don't have a full length mirror in my room so I just threw the dress on to get a picture not thinking about the back of it.
Speaking of backs of dresses... A little amusement from my work. I had to work in the dress department of the store that I am employed in, not too odd. But a lady came up to return a dress I had just sold to her because "the back of the dress was longer in the back." My knee jerk reaction was noooo, reaallly?? You don't have a butt to cover? And then I realized the back of the dress was about 4 inches longer than the front, to which the lady responded she couldn't be bothered to hem the dress... At least my work keeps my entertained.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hold Me Tight

So remember the fabric about a month ago that was just sitting by my sewing machine? Well something finally got done with it! Actually, I've been done with it... I made a lovely wrap dress out of the fabric!

I still need to fiddle around with the dress a bit more as it doesn't like to stay put in important places. It only looks slightly shorter in the the back, I didn't adjust it properly when I went to take pictures of it. The dress is so simple to make, it's the Hope Wrap Dress pattern found on Burda. I just need to remember to make it a slight bit bigger so it covers my chest a wee bit more.

Overall, I'm happy with the result, not matter how it hangs at the moment, I can always adjust things, which I have to do anyway. This is my second Hope Wrap dress, yes I like it that much. And when I saw this fabric I knew the pattern was perfect for it. I do have some fabric left over, which I'm thinking is going to get turned into a shirt... One of these days I'm going to get around to drafting some patterns out of clothes I already have.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heat Wave!

Even though a lovely heat wave filled with 90 degree weather has been lingering around Ohio the past few days I've managed to be productive with my sewing! Take that heat. Below is the start of a pair of shorts, or well was the start. I finished them today only to discover I made them a size too small. Grr...
So I've retraced the pattern saving what I could (the pockets and belt loops) so I could use them on the next size up. I just hope this size fits properly or else I'm out of the denim fabric I found on clearance. I spent about an hour ripping seams trying meticulously not to rip any fabric. Great fun that was, but it'll be well worth it to reuse the fabric, especially since I lined the insides of the pocket with a lovely plaid remnant that I had found months earlier.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Made in the US of A

So Happy Fourth of July all. Today I present to you something I'm actually wearing today! I hear that gasp of surprise. Me, actually posting another picture of an article of clothing I made? Yes sirree, here's a dress I made based on Simplicity 2884. I originally made the dress with fabric remnants, but this started out with a lovely liliac skirt part and the light blue bodice which we see here. My mother pointed out the colors didn't go together. With that comment I set the dress aside for months and months and months.

Back in May I happened to be looking through the scraps of fabric again (or should I say as ususal) and stumbled upon some light blue fabric that I though would look great with the halter dress I had started to make back in, oh December. What I was doing making a halter dress back when it was snowing is another issue in and of itself. It just so happened that the fabrics matched perfectly and the remnant I bought was the right length for a skirt!

I swear the skirt's not crocked, it just looks funky because of me rushing in front of my camera... At least that's the story I'm sticking with, I could also blame it on my awkward posture, but we'll put part of the blame on the camera. I have to go into work yet again hence the cardigan.

I did have some troubles with the zipper and bodice. I'm not sure who Simplicity thinks will fit into their dress, the measurements fit my waist, but not my boobs. I took a lot of time attempting to fix the fit on top, which meant taking the zipper out and putting it back in about 5 or 6 times. I hate zippers... So the side looks like this:

Overall, a little rumply from the sides and the back, but it's wearable, especially with the cardigan over it. The next time I make this (and there will be a next time pattern, watch out) I'll spend some decent time measuring my chest and making adjustments to the pattern. I'm not sure who has such a tiny waist and such big boobs, but it's definitely not me.

And from this last picture it does look like I need to take some of the length off part of the midriff. Hm... Do I really want to take out the zipper again?

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Fabric and Aprons

So, I haven't been up to nothing. Work has pretty much held me hostage for the past few days. Who wants to work 7-8 hour days when working for minimum wage? Certaintly not I, but that's the schedule I'm stuck with and I am greatful for the money. Without my job I wouldn't be able to fund my sewing addiction/hobby. There's always that blasted give and take to everything isn't there? Now, don't get me wrong, I like my job, I just wish I didn't have to work as often and got paid more. Hence why I'm going to graduate school, to get a "grown up" job.

I have been tampering with my sewing machine and fabric these past few days. I had this lovely apron (pardon the akward picture, the sunlight hasn't been working with me to get decent pictures) half finished for a few months now. And I got around to dragging out the iron and ironing board so I could finish it! I quite like it with the pink and black, I feel I could have added a bit of black detail to the bottom and at least one pocket, but oh well, it's finally finished and I'm not tampering with it anymore...

Aside from sewing I've revisted my local fabric store (JoAnns) and dug through the remnant section. Remnants are how I justify my mass quanitiy of fabric. If it only cost $4 a yard (or so) and the object only cost $5 to make.... I'm slowly, slowly adding more handmade garments to my closet. Mainly dresses, which I hadn't worn much in previous years. I've found that dresses keep me cooler and with the AC going out a lot at work, it's not worth it to wear pants.

The lovely pink and yellow popsicle fabric is for bags. A free pattern for Charlie reusable bags can be found at Burda. I've modified the pattern a slight bit for most of the bags I've made (pictures will show up later). The pink fabric is actually going to be made into a bag for one of my friends. I have to draft a pattern for that, not especially hard with grocery-like bags.

There was a sale this weekend, or rather is a sale, for patterns. How could I pass up $0.99 patterns?? Answer: I couldn't. I caved and bought 3 patterns, one for shorts which I desperately need. I can't find shorts the right length! I'm a bit too small for the misses sizes and I don't want to look like a hoe in junior's sizes. Making my own just seems logical. I also have a pattern for a dress and cardigans. I need to stop buying patterns though and start sewing more!

And lastly here's a picture of some lovely clearance fabric, everything was on sale for $6 or less, and since I didn't buy more than 1.25 yards of anything, I was pleased. Fabric and patterns all for under $12, now that's a steal.
Hopefully I'll get around to more sewing this weekend, but I never know. My old computer's hard drive bit the dust and I still have files (and pictures) that I need to get off of it. Evil technology, attempting to rui
n my weekend by making me retype things as opposed to working fine and allowing me to sew.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh Canada... Oh Wait a Minute...

So, I got around making this quilt in oh... March of this year. As you might be able to tell by the fabric with all of the lovely shamrocks on them. You might very well be asking, Kat what is up with shamrock overload here?

The answer is simple, the quilt was a project for a close family friend, one I actually gave to her today and took pictures right before I wrapped it up. There may be a theme with my sewing presents and me taking pictures of them...

You might be thinking that the lady I gave this to is Irish, or very much enjoys St. Patty's day. Well, you'd be wrong, on both counts. There's a long embarrassing story behind the whole ordeal and I'm not at liberty to share it.

Before this quilt I'd never sewed a quilt before, never even thought about the idea. How could I, the queen of not sitting still, complete a long complicated sewing task such as a quilt? Well, it was cold, that's how I did it! Darn weather in the Northern part of the U.S., with all of your snow, and wind, and horrid cold! I couldn't go outside, so I had to do something inside. I picked out my fabric, got to cutting, organizing, and taking up the entire living room of my house much to my family's dismay. But this sucker got complete after months and months!

It definitely was a learning experience, especially with the batting and sewing three layers together. Would I do another one I hear you ask? More than likely! I'm a glutton for punishment.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Corduroy Green

I have ignored posting for far too long! I've been a bit busy the past week. My summer class at my community college has started, eating up 3 of my nights and then I've been picking up hours at work (good for the paycheck, just not my sanity). Reven kindly pointed out I hadn't shown anything with sewing so far, so without further ado: the project that got me back into sewing this past year!

The corduroy dress is from the Simplicity 3673 pattern. My friend Alda pointed it out for me, saying she could see me in it... I ended up completing the dress in September/October of 2009. The dress is suited for the colder weather, which works out quite well half of the year!

I received a handful of compliments when I wore it to work a few times. I had to show one of my friends at work the lining to prove to her I made the dress. It's an odd compliment when someone doesn't believe you've sown the object you're wearing. See, the lining is a wonderful purple color. I had some left over fabric from another project and used it as opposed to buying new lining, it worked out well.

If I were to make this again I would adjust the neck a little bit as it gaps off of me. I did adjust the hem when I made it. Dresses that go past my knees make me look a little bit shorter than I am.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mum's the word

Mum's the word
Originally uploaded by laughers_song
As I've said in my last post, I have a slight obsession with the macro features on my camera... I've taken loads of pictures with it and tend to delete more than half of them (I haven't really figured out how to get a good focus with my little digital camera). The ones that do make it past my cut are fairly decent in my opinion.

This flower is a planted mum in my front yard. I somehow managed to get out of helping plant a majority of the flowers, but yet I'll be the one weeding the flower beds, eck. I'm hoping the deer don't decide to eat the mums like they do every other flower we've ever planted, the mums are just too pretty (and too photogenic) to be deer food!

It's early on in the morning yet and I have to go work for 6 hours today. Joy... Working retail isn't exactly what I call loads of fun. I can't tell people how stupid they are, or that the thing they're looking for is RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM, or that they need to learn how to read. No, no I have to be nice and cheery and chipper. While those qualities may describe me I don't like wasting such effort on the stupid people who don't have a clue.

Hopefully I'll get pictures of my sewing today! The sun is shining!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just Keep on Sewing

It took a little while to get my sewing machine back up and ready to sew. But in the last week (or so) since I've posted I do have sewing results to show from it.

I started working on my second wrap dress. The pattern I found on Burda. I don't follow directions very well unless there are a plethora of step by step pictures to guide me along, but the Hope Wrap dress is so very easy, instructions or not (I don't notice if it has them, I'm sure it does though).

The dress started off as a pile on the table I use for sewing, slowly becoming more and more dress like. I finished the dress on Monday, but haven't had time to get any pictures taken or upload anything to my computer (darn you work!).

Somehow I managed to get the wrap dress almost finished within the span of 24 hours. At least I've been productive, right? I just need to get photos of me in said dress... Oi... That requires me setting up my tripod and hoping for decent light. Damn you mass amounts of rain!

Thursday, May 27, 2010



These past few days have been slightly hectic. I have a sibling graduating from high school tomorrow so I've been helping the parents get ready for things. As well as attempting to organize my room, which has not gone well... There's too much "college stuff" in my room for it to be clean and me to be happy being in there for an extended periods of time. I like my things clean and organized, which hasn't been happening.

My sewing machine will be migrating upstairs tomorrow, ugh... I have things I want to sew... And I have plenty of pictures to put up here, when I'm not distracted. I have to work today or else there would be a better post and pictures. I had something for where I volunteer this morning and am going into work soon. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to put up pictures of the new fabric I have as well as a pattern that I hope to work on soon!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Double impatient

Double impatient
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Ack... I feel bad I haven't updated, I've had time to do it... I've just been lazy and working... Oh well. I haven't been sewing lately. My younger brother graduates soon and I had to clean up all of my fabric (and there is a LOT of fabric). Once all the festivities are over I'll set my machine up again and perhaps get to working on another quilt and a top.

This picture is one I took last summer. I very much enjoy photography and photo manipulation. Thought I'd share a little something since I don't have any sewing news to share, had to find something. More photos might be up the next few days as we have new flowers and I have the next three days off, after today.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fuzzy Little Green Things

Way back in October one of my friends birthday's was coming around. I decided to lug out my sewing machine (at that point I hadn't touched it for two years) and sew her something. My friend has a great and passionate dislike for rabbits, so respecting her dislike I made her a rabbit wallet.

Pardon the pictures, I snapped them right before I headed over to see her!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Post Introductions

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I’ve finally, finally started a blog. I’ve been playing around with the idea since, oh, January-ish and finally here it is! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Katja Geist. You can always shorten it and call me Kat. No, it’s not my real name, but for the sake of being mysterious (and slight paranoia) it’s what I go by.

I’m heading off to graduate school come August/September so this is a way of letting people know what’s going on in my life as well as sharing my artistic nature with the Internet community. I have an undergraduate degree in architecture with a minor in art. I’m hoping to go to grad school for Historic Preservation, if all goes well (and the animals sacrifices worked…).

I sew, I cook, I bake, I crochet, I knit, I clean… Wait, wait… Not so much with the cleaning… As some of my friends say I’m the perfect 50’s housewife, minus the husband bit. I’ll share some of my sewing and cooking with ya’ll as well as ranting about life/grad school/and the crazy happenings I’ll get myself into by moving out of the lovely state of Ohio come fall.