Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going round with green

I was fairly unproductive over the weekend in terms of working on my 15 page research paper. But I did manage to make a pattern AND sew something from it. Golly gee, did I feel productive! Well... maybe not where I need to feel productive in. I should have been looking at pyramids, not swirly green fabric.

See, isn’t the green fabric pretty? And tempting? How could I say no to making something pretty out of that fabric? Well, I couldn’t. I have a hobo bag I bought from Target a few years ago and it’s slowly starting to come apart. I thought it would be a good idea to create a pattern from what I liked about it. This pattern needs a bit of tweaking to it, but overall I’m happy with how it worked out.

I made a few changes to the Target bag, like not putting in any lining. I didn’t get my head around how to do that until I was putting the finishing touches on my lovely green bag. I may add lining at a later date, but that’s when I buy more fabric. I’m trying to deplete my excessive stash that I brought down to Georgia with me and it’s slow going. The skirt I made was another project from my stash and I have a second purse in the work. We shall see what else comes from the stash in terms of projects.

And yes, I'm modeling the bag in my pj's. I remembered to photograph this right before NCIS yesterday, and I was all ready for bed before hand. I wear socks with skirts and am ready for bed by 8... Not really, just the random times I remember 'oh hey I need to take a picture!'

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