Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skirt Around it

I don’t wear skirts often. In part because I have to bike to classes. I found the Kaisa pattern on Burda, for free of course. I’m a poor graduate student, I don’t have money to shell out, it all goes to food and the gremlins that are supposed to write my papers.
The fabric for the skirt was another piece I had in my stash, no surprise there. I had found the fabric on clearance at JoAnns and my first thoughts was ‘ooooo pencil skirt!’ This isn’t exactly a pencil skirt, but I can make peace with that.
As all Burda patterns go, this was a pain to try to figure out, but once figured it was smooth sailing. I’m not sure who writes the instructions for the patterns, but larger pictures and clearer instructions would really be nice.
I cut the fabric out with the lovely zig zag scissors. The fabric likes to shed, a lot. Even after pinking the fabric I sewed the edges with a zig zag stitch to stop the sucker from shedding too much. At times like this I wish I had a serger. There is a very slight difference from the right side of the fabric to the wrong side. Part of the back panels were sewed on with the wrong side facing the world. I didn’t notice this until I was sewing the waistband on. There was no way I was going back to correct that. It’s not too noticeable unless someone is checking out my butt intently. Even then, I highly doubt he (or she) will know anything about fabric.
The button holes gave me a slight bit of problem, as did sewing the buttons on. No surprise there. Although, I think I’m getting better at button holes. Practice does make perfect, who would have thought!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sleep Tight

Well... I’ve got my last research paper done and turned in. Thankfully that is done! Er- well, almost done. I just have a photography project to finish and another short essay to write up. What kind of teacher assigns a short essay after a research paper is due? There’s only one more week left in the quarter! -grumble-

On the occasion that my paper writing is momentarily done, I thought I’d share a project. My mom sent me two skeins of yarn back in March because she can’t crochet with the fuzzy yarn. She thought I could knit them into something. My resume of knitting includes scarves. That’s it. I’ve tried to learn how to purl, and failed miserably. I didn’t try anything fancy with this yarn though.

The fuzzy plush-ness is ideal for baby blankets. Not that I know anyone who is pregnant at the moment. I’ll just stock up for when my friends start getting married and popping out children. Or my mother will steal them and give them to people.

I used connected needles for this which was a first. I have a number of these needles that I inherited from my grandmother. Finally I can say I put them to good use. I’ve only finished one skein of yarn so far. I’m half way through the second blanket, which may or may not be finished before this quarter is over. It depends on how productive I wish to be on my last projects...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

On a Hot Summer's Day

When I take notes for my classes I normally lug my computer with me on my half an hour bike ride. I find it much easier to type at rapid speed than to write and risk attempting to decipher my handwriting later. In transporting my computer so often I found that my folders and notebooks liked to attack my laptop with color (I think they’re jealous). To protect my computer from my aggressive notebooks I sewed a laptop cover.

I did this without a pattern. The first go at this was too small and the laptop cover became a pillow cover, complete with a zipper.

I’m still in the process of stash busting, so these two fabrics I had in my box o’ fabric. I had been playing around with how to use the popsicle fabric and I’ve had the purple fabric since, oh, junior year of high school.

In between the two layers of fabric is batting, I’m worried about how much fighting the notebooks and computer are doing in my backpack. I’ve seen the bruises left on my computer, the added padding is needed. This sucker is closed with a zipper, I had thought about doing a flap on this and a tie closure, but the zipper made things so much easier.

This lovely computer cover has been serving me well all quarter. It fits my computer perfectly and I haven’t seen any more discoloration besides my finger prints on my computer.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pieces and Papers

It is once again nearing the end of my quarter. I have two papers, a final, and a photography project due within these next weeks. One would assume that I would be diligently working on these projects, right? One would assume wrong. I’ve been avoiding everything, but my photography project, like the plague. Instead I have been sewing and knitting. Sure sounds like I’m going to be acing my classes!

I’ve been working on my second quilt for some time. I’ve had many pieces cut out in preparation to sew blocks whenever I have the time. I currently have 50 blocks sewn as I’m doing each block as a 5 by 5 set up. Once I finish my paper on my apartment building I’m sure more pictures will come. Or rather, I’ll have the pictures up and direct my teacher to them as my paper.

A few weeks ago I went on a quilting block sew-fest. I set everything out and went to town sewing, ironing, and sewing again. I also laid out how I want the quilt arranged and its dimensions. I also planned out another quilt while I was at it. Why can’t I be as productive with my papers on old buildings?

I think I’m going to write my theory paper while sipping alcohol (like tequila). Not like any of the crazy architects make any sense. All I’ve got this quarter is: architecture is influenced by nature, Classical architecture is good, Classical architecture is bad, ornamentation is good, ornamentation is bad, what is beauty? etc. In theory, my paper doesn’t have to make sense as NONE of these theories come to a concrete, absolute, conclusion as one can always ask, but what if... I think I need a drink just thinking about it or sewing therapy.