Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pieces and Papers

It is once again nearing the end of my quarter. I have two papers, a final, and a photography project due within these next weeks. One would assume that I would be diligently working on these projects, right? One would assume wrong. I’ve been avoiding everything, but my photography project, like the plague. Instead I have been sewing and knitting. Sure sounds like I’m going to be acing my classes!

I’ve been working on my second quilt for some time. I’ve had many pieces cut out in preparation to sew blocks whenever I have the time. I currently have 50 blocks sewn as I’m doing each block as a 5 by 5 set up. Once I finish my paper on my apartment building I’m sure more pictures will come. Or rather, I’ll have the pictures up and direct my teacher to them as my paper.

A few weeks ago I went on a quilting block sew-fest. I set everything out and went to town sewing, ironing, and sewing again. I also laid out how I want the quilt arranged and its dimensions. I also planned out another quilt while I was at it. Why can’t I be as productive with my papers on old buildings?

I think I’m going to write my theory paper while sipping alcohol (like tequila). Not like any of the crazy architects make any sense. All I’ve got this quarter is: architecture is influenced by nature, Classical architecture is good, Classical architecture is bad, ornamentation is good, ornamentation is bad, what is beauty? etc. In theory, my paper doesn’t have to make sense as NONE of these theories come to a concrete, absolute, conclusion as one can always ask, but what if... I think I need a drink just thinking about it or sewing therapy.

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