Monday, May 30, 2011

Sleep Tight

Well... I’ve got my last research paper done and turned in. Thankfully that is done! Er- well, almost done. I just have a photography project to finish and another short essay to write up. What kind of teacher assigns a short essay after a research paper is due? There’s only one more week left in the quarter! -grumble-

On the occasion that my paper writing is momentarily done, I thought I’d share a project. My mom sent me two skeins of yarn back in March because she can’t crochet with the fuzzy yarn. She thought I could knit them into something. My resume of knitting includes scarves. That’s it. I’ve tried to learn how to purl, and failed miserably. I didn’t try anything fancy with this yarn though.

The fuzzy plush-ness is ideal for baby blankets. Not that I know anyone who is pregnant at the moment. I’ll just stock up for when my friends start getting married and popping out children. Or my mother will steal them and give them to people.

I used connected needles for this which was a first. I have a number of these needles that I inherited from my grandmother. Finally I can say I put them to good use. I’ve only finished one skein of yarn so far. I’m half way through the second blanket, which may or may not be finished before this quarter is over. It depends on how productive I wish to be on my last projects...

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