Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Polka Dot Dress

This is another dress I sewed over the summer. I thought the Maryy pattern from Burda would be a fun easy pattern for a summer dress. And it was for the most part. The pattern was fairly easy to follow, I tend not to use the instructions and this was great with minimal pattern pieces.
The fabric was another I found at Walmart. I’m glad to see the Walmarts are slowly adding back there fabric sections, but I seem to remember the fabric being slightly cheaper. If I had known that I would be paying $6 a yard for this, I would have headed to Jo Anns. 
This is a cotton and it would have been better if it was a tinch lighter. I found it was more flattering to belt this dress, which is fine by me. Always being cold generally means I’m wearing a cardigan anyway. I just so happened to have one from Old Navy that matches fairly well.
I had to add some fabric to the bust. Apparently I suck at measuring things and when I first tired on the top portion of this even adding the zipper wasn’t going to help me any. That was an easy alteration and I’ll remember to remeasure the next time I make this and make the part that covers my chest larger as well! 
The problems are easily fixed by wearing a camisole underneath the dress, which works out perfectly! I also altered this to work as a halter. This was me not following directions and wining it. I think at that point I had lost track of the instructions because they were buried under something.
I’ll definitely make another dress with this pattern. It’s such an easy pattern and I’m very fond of the dress, even if the fabric is a bit heavier than I would like it to be.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Blue Flowers

Here is one of the dresses I sewed over the summer. I took it from Simplicty 2884, which I all ready sewed another dress from in Made in the US of A. I saw the fabric at Walmart and instantly thought of this pattern. So what I all ready had a dress made from said pattern? The more the merrier! I’m just slightly disappointed that I didn’t bring it down to grad school with me, but I don’t think I could have fit it in my closet if I did.
I put boning in this sucker, which greatly helps holding things up in the back. Next time I make this, I need to remember to buy more than the recommended amount, I could have used a few more pieces around the bodice. I did have to fiddle around with the bodice piece some. It did not fit very well around my abdomen at first, so I had to go let out part of the patter, which worked out perfectly. I need to learn to make muslims of these things first.
As with the last dress I made using this pattern, I did not follow the skirt the pattern provided. I didn’t have enough fabric so I just did a dirndl skirt. That worked out just fine for me.

Please pardon the grainy photos. I took them at home before I came back down to Savannah and did not pull out my tripod, which really would have worked better. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Roses All Around

Since I’ve been busy the past few months, I haven’t had a lot of time to document or take pictures of everything I’ve sewn. These roses are one of those little things that escaped my camera when I first did them.
I have a lot of fabric scraps from sewing. Some of these scraps have been turned into a quilt, or the beginning of one really. Some strips were smaller than the 2 inch squares that I need and rather long. They became these roses. 
There was a blog tutorial I used for these. Alas, I can’t remember what blog or tutorial I used! That’s the problem with not doing things right away and school taking over my life. I did these in April or June, as I remember it being warm and trying to avoid writing papers, much like I’m doing now... I see a trend here.
I’m not sure what I have in store for these. I’ve been wracking my brain on what to add them too and have come up with nothing. Then again I haven’t sewn anything since August. I’m sure once I get working on some of the patterns I have I’ll be able to use them. For now they’re sitting on my sewing table looking cute.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Granny Blanket

If anyone was wondering where I was, I have one simple explanation for falling off the face of the Earth: school. I have three classes and one is an independent study. That means I am writing papers, researching, and working on presentations constantly. Mind you I only have class four days a week. In theory I should have time a plenty to sew on the weekends, not the case. I work two jobs. If I’m not in class then I’m doing work study for my department. And if I work 10-4 on the weekends, add in a half our commute each way and there goes my day!
I had to put my sewing machine away because my library books consumed the table where I sew. That was a sad day. I nearly shed a tear. I’m preparing to work on my thesis so things are getting hectic and I’m trying to apply for phd programs, as if things weren’t complicated enough! Sewing has sadly been pushed to the back burner. 
My Winter Break is coming up and I’ll be down South for a few weeks before I head home, without my sewing machine. Somehow I don’t think that would work too well as a carry on...
I have been crocheting though. That is easily pushed out of my way and I’ve been working on a granny square blanket for about two years. Yeah, that sucker needs to get finished. It’s currently on my floor baiting me to finish it before my three papers and two presentations. 

This blanket was started to use up some of my accumulated yarn. It kinda, maybe, sorta just took over. I have had to buy a few more skeins of yarn than I expected.  I’m not quite finished with this either. I would like this to be a bit longer. It needs to fit on my bed and keep my warm. My comforter is rather thin and I pile on the blankets during the winter months. Yes, even in the South I pile on the blankets. It doesn’t matter where I am, I can’t stay warm!

If anyone wishes to estimate how much time this has taken, it takes me 15 minutes to crochet one hexagon. And this is rectangular for the most part. The top corner tried to trip me so it's staying as is!

Also, good luck to anyone who is running Savannah's Rock and Roll Marathon! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ya’ll are probably wondering why I haven’t posted in so long. Well, I was back in Ohio for my summer, this meant I had an internship, online class, and a job. Not to mention I was trying to visit with friends who I hadn’t seen in months. I did get around to some sewing, but it was hard to get pictures of things and create posts when my mom was trying to make sure I wasn’t posting anything inappropriate on the internet... Such faith.
I do have a few items I sewed over the summer to share, although two of my dresses stayed in Ohio. Those might get shared over my winter break, possibly. And as for these next few months, I have no clue if you’ll see more posts or not. I’m taking three classes and working two jobs. Will I be able to fit time in to sew? I haven’t the foggiest idea.
Anyway, enough with my sorry excuses!
I had been thinking about making some sort of belt for a few months. Like most of my sewing projects it takes me a while to get idea from my head to an actual product. I had my eye on an obi belt, but I couldn’t find a pattern for one. After looking at a few tutorials on how to draft a pattern, I drafted my own.
I found some more fabric on clearance a while ago, this stuff is brocade. I’m not too sure why I bought this fabric, aside from it was pretty and shiny. Obviously, I don’t always put much thought into some of the fabrics I buy.

I whipped this sucker out in about an hour, along with drafting the pattern. I didn’t have any problems with it, although I might add length to the ties the next time I make this pattern. I’m getting low on medium weight interfacing, so it might be a while before I make another obi belt.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Black Forest Shirt

I quite liked Burda’s JJ shirt. It fit my boobs, which I’ve found is a hard fit to find. Much like my previous shirt, I had no problems, especially since I’d all ready figured out the pattern. That didn’t stop me from messing up on the sleeves.

I don’t own many items that are patterned, so this is a very welcome addition to my wardrobe. The fabric was another JoAnn clearance find. We finding a trend in how I buy fabric?

The second go on this pattern was definitely easier. I do think I could have taken it in a bit around my abdomen, but there’s no easy way for me to do that at the moment. The only mistake I made was cutting the slit in the sleeves. I snipped them so the opposite sides had the slits in them, which would have made the shirt look odd. I improvised and fixed the slits by adding a cut on the opposite side of the original slits. So now I have two slits on the sleeves as opposed to one.

I had to fix some of my buttons. They don’t line up with the button holes so well, I’m blaming a lack of sleep on that...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skirt Around it

I don’t wear skirts often. In part because I have to bike to classes. I found the Kaisa pattern on Burda, for free of course. I’m a poor graduate student, I don’t have money to shell out, it all goes to food and the gremlins that are supposed to write my papers.
The fabric for the skirt was another piece I had in my stash, no surprise there. I had found the fabric on clearance at JoAnns and my first thoughts was ‘ooooo pencil skirt!’ This isn’t exactly a pencil skirt, but I can make peace with that.
As all Burda patterns go, this was a pain to try to figure out, but once figured it was smooth sailing. I’m not sure who writes the instructions for the patterns, but larger pictures and clearer instructions would really be nice.
I cut the fabric out with the lovely zig zag scissors. The fabric likes to shed, a lot. Even after pinking the fabric I sewed the edges with a zig zag stitch to stop the sucker from shedding too much. At times like this I wish I had a serger. There is a very slight difference from the right side of the fabric to the wrong side. Part of the back panels were sewed on with the wrong side facing the world. I didn’t notice this until I was sewing the waistband on. There was no way I was going back to correct that. It’s not too noticeable unless someone is checking out my butt intently. Even then, I highly doubt he (or she) will know anything about fabric.
The button holes gave me a slight bit of problem, as did sewing the buttons on. No surprise there. Although, I think I’m getting better at button holes. Practice does make perfect, who would have thought!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sleep Tight

Well... I’ve got my last research paper done and turned in. Thankfully that is done! Er- well, almost done. I just have a photography project to finish and another short essay to write up. What kind of teacher assigns a short essay after a research paper is due? There’s only one more week left in the quarter! -grumble-

On the occasion that my paper writing is momentarily done, I thought I’d share a project. My mom sent me two skeins of yarn back in March because she can’t crochet with the fuzzy yarn. She thought I could knit them into something. My resume of knitting includes scarves. That’s it. I’ve tried to learn how to purl, and failed miserably. I didn’t try anything fancy with this yarn though.

The fuzzy plush-ness is ideal for baby blankets. Not that I know anyone who is pregnant at the moment. I’ll just stock up for when my friends start getting married and popping out children. Or my mother will steal them and give them to people.

I used connected needles for this which was a first. I have a number of these needles that I inherited from my grandmother. Finally I can say I put them to good use. I’ve only finished one skein of yarn so far. I’m half way through the second blanket, which may or may not be finished before this quarter is over. It depends on how productive I wish to be on my last projects...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

On a Hot Summer's Day

When I take notes for my classes I normally lug my computer with me on my half an hour bike ride. I find it much easier to type at rapid speed than to write and risk attempting to decipher my handwriting later. In transporting my computer so often I found that my folders and notebooks liked to attack my laptop with color (I think they’re jealous). To protect my computer from my aggressive notebooks I sewed a laptop cover.

I did this without a pattern. The first go at this was too small and the laptop cover became a pillow cover, complete with a zipper.

I’m still in the process of stash busting, so these two fabrics I had in my box o’ fabric. I had been playing around with how to use the popsicle fabric and I’ve had the purple fabric since, oh, junior year of high school.

In between the two layers of fabric is batting, I’m worried about how much fighting the notebooks and computer are doing in my backpack. I’ve seen the bruises left on my computer, the added padding is needed. This sucker is closed with a zipper, I had thought about doing a flap on this and a tie closure, but the zipper made things so much easier.

This lovely computer cover has been serving me well all quarter. It fits my computer perfectly and I haven’t seen any more discoloration besides my finger prints on my computer.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pieces and Papers

It is once again nearing the end of my quarter. I have two papers, a final, and a photography project due within these next weeks. One would assume that I would be diligently working on these projects, right? One would assume wrong. I’ve been avoiding everything, but my photography project, like the plague. Instead I have been sewing and knitting. Sure sounds like I’m going to be acing my classes!

I’ve been working on my second quilt for some time. I’ve had many pieces cut out in preparation to sew blocks whenever I have the time. I currently have 50 blocks sewn as I’m doing each block as a 5 by 5 set up. Once I finish my paper on my apartment building I’m sure more pictures will come. Or rather, I’ll have the pictures up and direct my teacher to them as my paper.

A few weeks ago I went on a quilting block sew-fest. I set everything out and went to town sewing, ironing, and sewing again. I also laid out how I want the quilt arranged and its dimensions. I also planned out another quilt while I was at it. Why can’t I be as productive with my papers on old buildings?

I think I’m going to write my theory paper while sipping alcohol (like tequila). Not like any of the crazy architects make any sense. All I’ve got this quarter is: architecture is influenced by nature, Classical architecture is good, Classical architecture is bad, ornamentation is good, ornamentation is bad, what is beauty? etc. In theory, my paper doesn’t have to make sense as NONE of these theories come to a concrete, absolute, conclusion as one can always ask, but what if... I think I need a drink just thinking about it or sewing therapy.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm Tickled Pink

I have had my hands on this pink fabric for quite some time. I found it on clearance (surprise, surprise) at JoAnns and my first thought was a top for it. As with most of the fabric I've picked up over time, it took a while to turn this fabric into a garment. Here it is as Burda's JJ pattern.

I left out the ruffles because I didn't have enough fabric for them. And I really don't care for them. I had to recut this pattern three times. I was not happy. I measured myself, determined what size I was and cut everything out. Not thinking I'd have a problem, I was not pleased to find out how much extra space I had left the first time I tried it on. So, I cut everything down a pattern size. After all, by my measurements told me I should have fit nicely into a size 38.

I basted the fabric together to check when I sewed the size 36 together. Trying it on, it was still too large. I was starting to feel like Goldilocks, except the pattern wasn't coming up too small! I then cut everything to a size 34, which originally I had thought I was going to need based on past experience with Burda patterns. That finally yielded this. The blouse is a bit loose over my abdomen, but I'm not complaining.
Once I got the fabric cut to the right size sewing this blouse wasn't too much of a problem. The instructions weren't all that helpful, especially with the sleeves. So, I ignored that and went along my way, hoping that I didn't mess them up too badly. They didn't come out too badly, if I do say so myself.

Prior to this top, I had only done button holes once. And that was on another piece that is currently unfinished and sitting in another state. Once I got the hang of how to do the holes, I was set. It was a little bit of trial and error. Thankfully nothing too disastrous happened.

With the buttons added and the top hemmed, this sucker is complete. It's the first blouse I've made that hasn't presented a problem with the fit. I'm very happy with the pattern, after I figured out how to go about it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Stash Buster

This sucker is another variation of Butterick B5497. I told you this pattern was easy! Hence the multiple variations coming from it. This top is out of the same fabric as my one wrap dress and in the same style as another shirt. It’s stretchy fabric with small light green blobs on it. I’ve spent plenty of time debating what these “blobs” are and I can’t decide on anything that makes sense.

I only have one regret with this top: that I did it in four pieces. I think it would have looked better as two pieces without the seam under the bust. I can’t do anything about that now and this does NOT look good as a crop top.

This is yet another stash buster I did over my spring break. I only have a tiny bit more left of this fabric, I’m thinking of attempting to do some underwear this what I have left over. That’s just about all I could make with such a small amount.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fancy Green

I’m all ready three weeks into my Spring quarter. Where is the time going? There are still items from over spring break that I need to share! Here’s one of them.

This shirt is straight from Butterick B5497. It’s view A, and coincidentally the same color as on the pattern envelope. The pattern wasn’t hard at all, once I figured out what I was doing. Although, this was one of my unfinished projects due to issues with the “v” in the front and back. I managed to fix the front, thankfully. I really wish I had a dress form, it would have made making this top slightly easier. Hear that Easter Bunny? You can leave one of those in my Easter basket!

The back.... Eh.... That wasn’t so lucky. The first fitting the back was very loose and I unpicked everything to overlap the layers of fabric a bit more. It’s wearable. And aside from the back covering more than I thought it would I’m happy with this. I figure I should have sewn the pattern a size smaller as it’s a bit too loose without the elastic.

I figure I don’t see the back, therefore all is good! I quite like this pattern as I’ve used it in a few other tops. I really want to make the long sleeve view C, but I don’t have enough fabric.

I'm trying very hard not to buy any more fabric until I have gone through the pile I brought down to Georgia with me. I've been chipping away at it for the past month, especially since I don't have nearly as much reading to do this quarter as the previous one.

I do have about quarter to half a yard of this fabric left over. We’ll see what I end up making with that. Another top might be possible if I modify the pattern or I'm sure I could figure out something else that's small. Oh the things I can make...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ring around the Roses

I have a handful of unfinished projects in my pile of fabric. More are back at home, many more. I brought two with me. Both I was able to finish over my spring break! This here is the first unfinished project I dealt with.

This bag has been finished, save for the handles since the summer of 2005. Yes, it’s taken me six years to finish this sucker. Should it have? NO! I’m not sure why I put something so simple as making handles off for so long, but I did. I even used up some scrap fabric I’ve had.

I don’t think finishing this up took more than an hour, if that. It was one of my goals on Sunday after making the scrubbers to complete this piece. I’m currently looking for an excuse to use it, but biking to classes certainly puts a damper on carrying something like this.

When I do another bag like this, I’m going to do a few things differently. Such as how I finished the top seams. I initially folded both sides over and sewed them together back in 2005. That made sewing the outer fabric and the lining together a bit difficult around the seams. Now I realize I should have just sewed the sides together, then hemmed the top. Hindsight is always 20/20, right?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Attack of the Orange Puffs

On Sunday I headed to Jo Ann Fabrics to purchase some fabric. Now, don’t be giving me that look! I only bought half a yard of fabric! And I SWEAR I’m not going to be wearing the items any time soon!!!

I made more dish scrubbers. The one my roommate and I were using had seen its better days and there was only one more left. I was forced to buy more fabric so I could make these suckers before I forgot about them.

I’d love to say I was good and only bought the bright orange fabric, alas, I wasn’t. There were a few more items purchased: buttons and batting. See, no new fabric! I was tempted though, so tempted. I need the buttons to finish up another two projects and I’ve got a project in mind for the batting as well.

My roommate had only one request for the color of netting I bought, no white, it would show the dirt. So bright orange I went with! I’m sadly excited to be using these to wash dishes. My roommate turned one of the small scrubbers into a hair accessory. Apparently, these suckers have a duel purpose!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Scraps to Squares

I swear I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth again! My parents were in town visiting and then I went on a sewing marathon. I was a bit preoccupied to write.

After my parents headed back home I whipped out a pile of fabric I had that was too small for me to make a garment out of, yet too large for me to bear to part with. These scraps are all from a garment or project I’ve had over the years since I started sewing. I really do have a problem getting rid of fabric....

Above is the pile I started out with, I weeded out some of the teal and heart fabric as they could possibly be turned into something besides quilt squares.

After eight hours of cutting fabric, I reduced the pile significantly. And yes, you read that right, eight hours of cutting fabric into 2 inch by 2 inch squares. Don’t worry, I still have my sanity (what little I posses) and all seve- I mean ten of my fingers... I unfortunately don’t have my cutting boards down in Savannah with me, so I had to cut all of the fabric with scissors. It would have been so much easier to do this with my rotary cutter.

This is then what I ended up with! Many, many 2 by 2 inch squares! I've been working on sewing blocks together, but those are slow going and I'm still trying to work my way through other fabric I have from my stash.

Also, classes started today. My first one was at 8 in the morning, half an hour away by bike, in a building I’d never been in before. Finding my class was an adventure filled with near death experiences and bird poo. I’ll see what excitement tomorrow brings.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rocking Blue

Ages ago, before I moved down to Georgia I spotted this lovely blue fabric on clearance at the local JoAnn Fabric's. Not wasting any time to even think about what I would be making this into, I snatched it right up. I then quickly decided I was going to make a skirt out of it.

I believe it took me at least four months to transform the blue fabric into this:
For a fabric that caught my eye so quickly I sure took a long time to get it in use. I didn't use a pattern for it. I just cut a waistband, applied interfacing (although not enough), gathered, basted, and sewed. The fabric came with the white detailing at the bottom. I'm not patient enough to that amount of detail quite yet. Maybe after I find someone to write my grad school essay, but until them I will remain lazy in the amazing detailing department.

Oh, please pardon the slight mess behind me. Since I'm going through all the fabric I have with me trying to figure out what to sew I've made a bit of a mess. I'm also going through a bit of yarn as well, making an even bigger mess.

I love this skirt! I did not wear skirts often before last year. I'm not sure what my aversion to them was. Oh, wait, probably the Catholic school uniforms I had to wear for 12 years. I had forgotten about that...
Traumatic schooling aside, I really like this skirt and I've actually worn it. Georgia weather permitted this a few weeks ago. I realized I had to take in the waistband because the skirt rests in an area where I have some curves. That small flaw was quickly fixed and I cannot wait to wear this skirt again!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blooming Flowers

Day one of stash busting has led to a pair of bloomers. I've had this fabric for a while and had been wondering what exactly to do with it. I originally purchased two and a half yards for a dress. The dress left about 3/4 a yard left over, which amounted to this.

The pattern I found was at Colette Patterns, the Madeline Mini Bloomers, a free pattern download. As a poor graduate student I'm all about getting things on the cheap, free is just frosting on the cake! I can print for free at the grad school labs, so I have taken advantage of that. Most of the patterns I have found this year have been printed out thanks to the grad school printers.

This pattern was easy to use and the instructions were very clear. Yes, I actually followed the instructions, this time. I normally just glance over the instructions once, deem them useless and go to town. I used the pattern for the waist band, as I'd never done anything with double elastic as this one calls for.
I still have a little bit of fabric left over from this, not enough to make another garment. I'll probably just use what's left for another quilt. Expect to see another pair (or two) of these showing up as I work through what fabric I do have. Or maybe not, I did run out of elastic when I did the waist band. I might have to make a trip to the fabric store... That could lead to trouble.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saint Paddy's Day and Fabric

After spending the most of the day outside for Saint Patrick’s day, I can officially say I experienced the celebration in Savannah. I even have an awesome souvenir from it! Sunburn! At least it’s not too bad this time....

I headed downtown with my roommate and we were able to catch half of the parade, which we were hopping to miss. It was interesting. there was a large military presence, not surprising as there is an Army base in Savannah. It took a minute to figure out why all of the servicemen had multiple lipstick prints on their cheeks. When the parade paused women would run out to kiss the servicemen! I’d never seen that anywhere before. But had I known, I would have joined in!

After enjoying the great outdoors for the day I evaluated my situation for sewing. I have a lot of fabric I’ve accumulated over the past year and half that I need to make into something. I don’t think this is even all of it! I probably have a few more yards back in my home state.

Since I have the next few days free I’m thinking of putting a large dent into this pile of fabric. Unfortunately I have a few patterns in mind for some of these fabrics and they are back in Ohio. Over the next few days I should be turning out a few articles of clothing and possibly a few crocheted items.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paper, Finals, and Breaks OH MY!

I have been sitting at my computer all weekend working on two different papers and a presentation. I’m surprised my eyes haven’t melted out of my head. It’s not like I sat idle for two days because I wanted to or procrastinated these 10 and 12 page papers all quarter. Oh no. It’s finals week.

Last week on top of my 3 classes and expected reading in my one class, I had a final on Wednesday and then a presentation on Friday. Not to mention Friday I had my class four 4 hours. Yes 4 hours, you read it right. I normally don’t have classes on Friday, but the prof was sick one day, then moved our last clas

s that would have been Monday to Friday. Since no one at SCAD every has Friday classes it’s the opportune day to have a make up class... Yeah right. I’d rather be sleeping.

So, it’s not like I could have worked on my other papers if I wanted to. Nor did I have any choice in getting out of this long class. I chose to present on the last possible day, knowing that if I would have went on Monday someone would have died. Most likely an intimate object, but still, it wouldn’t have been pleasant.

My one paper is on the Becket Miracle windows in Canterbury Cathedral. Fun stuff. And it’s also what my presentation is on. I think after class tomorrow (which will be 5 hours because we’ll be watching a movie with the undergrad section) I will be set to go on churches for a very long time.

My other paper is on Tube stations in London. I’m on England overload.

The other paper and presentation was on Girl Scout and Boy Scout camp architecture. That was most challenging paper of the quarter to do. And I figured out how I should have laid my paper out Thursday night at about 11:30. I could have started sobbing right there. It’s not like I could have simply rearranged my paper and handed the bitch in. Oh no. I handed my paper in three days day before, not thinking that I should milk the deadline for all it was worth. I wanted my paper over and done with. Ugh, I should have held out until the last moment. Or told my teacher that my evil twin turned in my paper when it still needed more work. I don’t think my teacher would have bought that though... I really tried to nail down the organization of that paper too!

Lesson learned: do power point presentation AFTER the paper is FINISHED. It forces me to actually analyze my organization and make it work properly.

That’s pretty much been my quarter in a nutshell. England’s transportation system and an old church and camping. Yeah... Such an exciting quarter. Today at 1pm my spring break started. I have my sewing machine set up, my music on, and am attempting to find ways to use up the scrap fabric I have. For the next week an a half I'll be sewing!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Walking in the Rain

I have been utterly swamped these last few weeks with an abundance of homework. If I wasn’t reading for one class, it was one of my other two, or working on one of my three papers or presentations. Then two weeks ago there was a conference at my college for Architectural History, which took up the whole weekend. The quarter is slowly drawing to a close (two more weeks!) and I still have two papers and presentations to get done. Then I’m setting up my sewing machine! There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Last weekend I had a language exam, for if you get a degree in Architectural History you must be able to read a language, besides English. It was my second time translating an article from German to English, an hour and half is not enough time for me to get through anything substantial. But I think it went better than my first try, highly doubt I passed.

I rode my bike to this test and while I was almost to the building something happened with my chain resulting in me peddling and going nowhere. That was a bit of an inconvenience, but I figured I’d just realign things when I was done with my test and it would be dandy. Half way through the lovely exam it started raining. If that wasn’t a sign of impending doom I don’t know what else could be. Perhaps the assignment I then got back and was informed I had to redo.

Paper packed away and ignoring the drizzle I started to look at my bike. Or rather I unlocked it. Metal hit the ground. Really not a good sign. I looked down to find this on the ground:

And this is where it went. See where the chain lies? That's where the broken metal piece is supposed to go. Without that the other gears shift back and form making it unstable and unable to be useful.

That is somewhat important in order for me to get anywhere. I attempted to see if I could change the chain to a different gear on the cassette (the back part of the gear-thingy by the tire), no such luck. Which meant I had to walk my bike home. Two miles. In the rain. With a jacket that had no hood and I was without an umbrella. Needless to say I looked like a drowned rat when I got back to my apartment.

Good news though, after spending all weekend attempting to figure out how to fix my bike I found the original receipt for it. By some small miracle I was within the 90 day return policy and didn’t have class Monday morning. So what did I do? Returned the bike, with broken part and bought a new one so I didn’t have to beg for a ride home from my evening class.

I think that was enough excitement to last for the rest of the quarter. And enough bike drama to last me until I graduate and no longer need to use a bike.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Another quarter...

I realized that I have not posted anything in quite some time! My apologies, I've been super busy. Over my winter break I was back home, in Ohio, interning 30 hours a week AND working another 20 hours a week. I didn't have too much time to sew. Oh, and then I got sick and had some fungus toe issues to be taken care of. Such a fun holiday break. I did get some sewing done, once it gets warm enough I'll get some pictures of my piece. Hopefully tomorrow, it's 60 down here in Georgia. Personally, not my cup of tea. I'm thinking it's April or September, not January/February. Yes, I'm one of those people who likes the cold and snow.

This quarter in grad school is also my busy quarter. I have 3 classes, but a lot of reading. A lot of reading that involves philosophers. See this link for my thoughts on them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1MgCV6uGuc

On top of my reading I have 3, 12-15 page papers to complete by the first week in March. I haven't taken my sewing machine out of it's carrying case yet! I won't be doing much sewing in the next few weeks, but I'm hoping that'll change during my Spring semester.