Monday, November 7, 2011

Roses All Around

Since I’ve been busy the past few months, I haven’t had a lot of time to document or take pictures of everything I’ve sewn. These roses are one of those little things that escaped my camera when I first did them.
I have a lot of fabric scraps from sewing. Some of these scraps have been turned into a quilt, or the beginning of one really. Some strips were smaller than the 2 inch squares that I need and rather long. They became these roses. 
There was a blog tutorial I used for these. Alas, I can’t remember what blog or tutorial I used! That’s the problem with not doing things right away and school taking over my life. I did these in April or June, as I remember it being warm and trying to avoid writing papers, much like I’m doing now... I see a trend here.
I’m not sure what I have in store for these. I’ve been wracking my brain on what to add them too and have come up with nothing. Then again I haven’t sewn anything since August. I’m sure once I get working on some of the patterns I have I’ll be able to use them. For now they’re sitting on my sewing table looking cute.

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