Saturday, November 5, 2011

Granny Blanket

If anyone was wondering where I was, I have one simple explanation for falling off the face of the Earth: school. I have three classes and one is an independent study. That means I am writing papers, researching, and working on presentations constantly. Mind you I only have class four days a week. In theory I should have time a plenty to sew on the weekends, not the case. I work two jobs. If I’m not in class then I’m doing work study for my department. And if I work 10-4 on the weekends, add in a half our commute each way and there goes my day!
I had to put my sewing machine away because my library books consumed the table where I sew. That was a sad day. I nearly shed a tear. I’m preparing to work on my thesis so things are getting hectic and I’m trying to apply for phd programs, as if things weren’t complicated enough! Sewing has sadly been pushed to the back burner. 
My Winter Break is coming up and I’ll be down South for a few weeks before I head home, without my sewing machine. Somehow I don’t think that would work too well as a carry on...
I have been crocheting though. That is easily pushed out of my way and I’ve been working on a granny square blanket for about two years. Yeah, that sucker needs to get finished. It’s currently on my floor baiting me to finish it before my three papers and two presentations. 

This blanket was started to use up some of my accumulated yarn. It kinda, maybe, sorta just took over. I have had to buy a few more skeins of yarn than I expected.  I’m not quite finished with this either. I would like this to be a bit longer. It needs to fit on my bed and keep my warm. My comforter is rather thin and I pile on the blankets during the winter months. Yes, even in the South I pile on the blankets. It doesn’t matter where I am, I can’t stay warm!

If anyone wishes to estimate how much time this has taken, it takes me 15 minutes to crochet one hexagon. And this is rectangular for the most part. The top corner tried to trip me so it's staying as is!

Also, good luck to anyone who is running Savannah's Rock and Roll Marathon! 

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