Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rocking Blue

Ages ago, before I moved down to Georgia I spotted this lovely blue fabric on clearance at the local JoAnn Fabric's. Not wasting any time to even think about what I would be making this into, I snatched it right up. I then quickly decided I was going to make a skirt out of it.

I believe it took me at least four months to transform the blue fabric into this:
For a fabric that caught my eye so quickly I sure took a long time to get it in use. I didn't use a pattern for it. I just cut a waistband, applied interfacing (although not enough), gathered, basted, and sewed. The fabric came with the white detailing at the bottom. I'm not patient enough to that amount of detail quite yet. Maybe after I find someone to write my grad school essay, but until them I will remain lazy in the amazing detailing department.

Oh, please pardon the slight mess behind me. Since I'm going through all the fabric I have with me trying to figure out what to sew I've made a bit of a mess. I'm also going through a bit of yarn as well, making an even bigger mess.

I love this skirt! I did not wear skirts often before last year. I'm not sure what my aversion to them was. Oh, wait, probably the Catholic school uniforms I had to wear for 12 years. I had forgotten about that...
Traumatic schooling aside, I really like this skirt and I've actually worn it. Georgia weather permitted this a few weeks ago. I realized I had to take in the waistband because the skirt rests in an area where I have some curves. That small flaw was quickly fixed and I cannot wait to wear this skirt again!

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