Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Attack of the Orange Puffs

On Sunday I headed to Jo Ann Fabrics to purchase some fabric. Now, don’t be giving me that look! I only bought half a yard of fabric! And I SWEAR I’m not going to be wearing the items any time soon!!!

I made more dish scrubbers. The one my roommate and I were using had seen its better days and there was only one more left. I was forced to buy more fabric so I could make these suckers before I forgot about them.

I’d love to say I was good and only bought the bright orange fabric, alas, I wasn’t. There were a few more items purchased: buttons and batting. See, no new fabric! I was tempted though, so tempted. I need the buttons to finish up another two projects and I’ve got a project in mind for the batting as well.

My roommate had only one request for the color of netting I bought, no white, it would show the dirt. So bright orange I went with! I’m sadly excited to be using these to wash dishes. My roommate turned one of the small scrubbers into a hair accessory. Apparently, these suckers have a duel purpose!

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