Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saint Paddy's Day and Fabric

After spending the most of the day outside for Saint Patrick’s day, I can officially say I experienced the celebration in Savannah. I even have an awesome souvenir from it! Sunburn! At least it’s not too bad this time....

I headed downtown with my roommate and we were able to catch half of the parade, which we were hopping to miss. It was interesting. there was a large military presence, not surprising as there is an Army base in Savannah. It took a minute to figure out why all of the servicemen had multiple lipstick prints on their cheeks. When the parade paused women would run out to kiss the servicemen! I’d never seen that anywhere before. But had I known, I would have joined in!

After enjoying the great outdoors for the day I evaluated my situation for sewing. I have a lot of fabric I’ve accumulated over the past year and half that I need to make into something. I don’t think this is even all of it! I probably have a few more yards back in my home state.

Since I have the next few days free I’m thinking of putting a large dent into this pile of fabric. Unfortunately I have a few patterns in mind for some of these fabrics and they are back in Ohio. Over the next few days I should be turning out a few articles of clothing and possibly a few crocheted items.

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