Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paper, Finals, and Breaks OH MY!

I have been sitting at my computer all weekend working on two different papers and a presentation. I’m surprised my eyes haven’t melted out of my head. It’s not like I sat idle for two days because I wanted to or procrastinated these 10 and 12 page papers all quarter. Oh no. It’s finals week.

Last week on top of my 3 classes and expected reading in my one class, I had a final on Wednesday and then a presentation on Friday. Not to mention Friday I had my class four 4 hours. Yes 4 hours, you read it right. I normally don’t have classes on Friday, but the prof was sick one day, then moved our last clas

s that would have been Monday to Friday. Since no one at SCAD every has Friday classes it’s the opportune day to have a make up class... Yeah right. I’d rather be sleeping.

So, it’s not like I could have worked on my other papers if I wanted to. Nor did I have any choice in getting out of this long class. I chose to present on the last possible day, knowing that if I would have went on Monday someone would have died. Most likely an intimate object, but still, it wouldn’t have been pleasant.

My one paper is on the Becket Miracle windows in Canterbury Cathedral. Fun stuff. And it’s also what my presentation is on. I think after class tomorrow (which will be 5 hours because we’ll be watching a movie with the undergrad section) I will be set to go on churches for a very long time.

My other paper is on Tube stations in London. I’m on England overload.

The other paper and presentation was on Girl Scout and Boy Scout camp architecture. That was most challenging paper of the quarter to do. And I figured out how I should have laid my paper out Thursday night at about 11:30. I could have started sobbing right there. It’s not like I could have simply rearranged my paper and handed the bitch in. Oh no. I handed my paper in three days day before, not thinking that I should milk the deadline for all it was worth. I wanted my paper over and done with. Ugh, I should have held out until the last moment. Or told my teacher that my evil twin turned in my paper when it still needed more work. I don’t think my teacher would have bought that though... I really tried to nail down the organization of that paper too!

Lesson learned: do power point presentation AFTER the paper is FINISHED. It forces me to actually analyze my organization and make it work properly.

That’s pretty much been my quarter in a nutshell. England’s transportation system and an old church and camping. Yeah... Such an exciting quarter. Today at 1pm my spring break started. I have my sewing machine set up, my music on, and am attempting to find ways to use up the scrap fabric I have. For the next week an a half I'll be sewing!

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