Monday, January 31, 2011

Another quarter...

I realized that I have not posted anything in quite some time! My apologies, I've been super busy. Over my winter break I was back home, in Ohio, interning 30 hours a week AND working another 20 hours a week. I didn't have too much time to sew. Oh, and then I got sick and had some fungus toe issues to be taken care of. Such a fun holiday break. I did get some sewing done, once it gets warm enough I'll get some pictures of my piece. Hopefully tomorrow, it's 60 down here in Georgia. Personally, not my cup of tea. I'm thinking it's April or September, not January/February. Yes, I'm one of those people who likes the cold and snow.

This quarter in grad school is also my busy quarter. I have 3 classes, but a lot of reading. A lot of reading that involves philosophers. See this link for my thoughts on them:

On top of my reading I have 3, 12-15 page papers to complete by the first week in March. I haven't taken my sewing machine out of it's carrying case yet! I won't be doing much sewing in the next few weeks, but I'm hoping that'll change during my Spring semester.

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