Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Stash Buster

This sucker is another variation of Butterick B5497. I told you this pattern was easy! Hence the multiple variations coming from it. This top is out of the same fabric as my one wrap dress and in the same style as another shirt. It’s stretchy fabric with small light green blobs on it. I’ve spent plenty of time debating what these “blobs” are and I can’t decide on anything that makes sense.

I only have one regret with this top: that I did it in four pieces. I think it would have looked better as two pieces without the seam under the bust. I can’t do anything about that now and this does NOT look good as a crop top.

This is yet another stash buster I did over my spring break. I only have a tiny bit more left of this fabric, I’m thinking of attempting to do some underwear this what I have left over. That’s just about all I could make with such a small amount.

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