Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Over the Top

I occasionally end up buying too much fabric for a project and end up having as much as a yard left over. Who hasn't though? I normally guess on the amount of fabric I need since I end up buying the clearance fabric at JoAnns and don't' have time to ponder which patterns I should use. Most of the time I have a little scrap left over the ends up in the form of a bag or wallet. The white wrap dress I made left me with maybe a yard or so of fabric, of stretch fabric to boot. I hate having excess fabric, it sits around mocking me. Sending off the "make something out of me" vibes. Most of the time the fabric just sits around not being used. That was until a few days ago!

At one of the lovely 99 cent sales at JoAnns I picked up a top pattern that I thought would work wonders since I had that left over fabric. Turns out I didn’t have the amount of fabric I needed for the pattern. BUT! I managed to manipulate the pattern so I have a shirt! I managed to beat the fabric, it thought it could just sit around taunting me. HA! Take that!

I normally don’t wear many of my sewn items out in public. I have a slight fear of people making a rude remark or having them look down on me because I sew. Especially since I work in retail and we HAVE to be nice to the customer (I think work should pay for my therapy of due to repressed feelings of wanting to smack stupid people). One of my coworkers couldn’t believe I sewed. Then again, I can’t blame her. I’m the only 22 year old girl I know who sews herself clothes. I told my coworker that I’d wear some of my clothes into work to show her what I’ve made. So far it’s just been this shirt on Friday. But Saturday I wore a tunic top that I have yet to photograph... and Sunday I wore my blue wrap dress. I received many compliments from my coworkers, which I did not expect. Ack... I have to wear something tomorrow that I sewed as well.

My lovely white top got the thumbs up from many of my coworkers who remarked that it was a cute top and then proceeded to ask me multiple times if I had really sewed the item after I told them it was hand made. I take that as a compliment. I’ve had a handful of customers comment on some of my dresses that I’ve worn to work (I wear dresses on Sundays as I go to mass and figure what the heck, I may as well look pretty). The customers tend to give me a somewhat nasty look after I inform them I’ve made the garment or they’re impressed. Normally I get the nasty look, which I kind of find amusing. They’re just jealous...

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