Sunday, July 4, 2010

Made in the US of A

So Happy Fourth of July all. Today I present to you something I'm actually wearing today! I hear that gasp of surprise. Me, actually posting another picture of an article of clothing I made? Yes sirree, here's a dress I made based on Simplicity 2884. I originally made the dress with fabric remnants, but this started out with a lovely liliac skirt part and the light blue bodice which we see here. My mother pointed out the colors didn't go together. With that comment I set the dress aside for months and months and months.

Back in May I happened to be looking through the scraps of fabric again (or should I say as ususal) and stumbled upon some light blue fabric that I though would look great with the halter dress I had started to make back in, oh December. What I was doing making a halter dress back when it was snowing is another issue in and of itself. It just so happened that the fabrics matched perfectly and the remnant I bought was the right length for a skirt!

I swear the skirt's not crocked, it just looks funky because of me rushing in front of my camera... At least that's the story I'm sticking with, I could also blame it on my awkward posture, but we'll put part of the blame on the camera. I have to go into work yet again hence the cardigan.

I did have some troubles with the zipper and bodice. I'm not sure who Simplicity thinks will fit into their dress, the measurements fit my waist, but not my boobs. I took a lot of time attempting to fix the fit on top, which meant taking the zipper out and putting it back in about 5 or 6 times. I hate zippers... So the side looks like this:

Overall, a little rumply from the sides and the back, but it's wearable, especially with the cardigan over it. The next time I make this (and there will be a next time pattern, watch out) I'll spend some decent time measuring my chest and making adjustments to the pattern. I'm not sure who has such a tiny waist and such big boobs, but it's definitely not me.

And from this last picture it does look like I need to take some of the length off part of the midriff. Hm... Do I really want to take out the zipper again?

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