Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heat Wave!

Even though a lovely heat wave filled with 90 degree weather has been lingering around Ohio the past few days I've managed to be productive with my sewing! Take that heat. Below is the start of a pair of shorts, or well was the start. I finished them today only to discover I made them a size too small. Grr...
So I've retraced the pattern saving what I could (the pockets and belt loops) so I could use them on the next size up. I just hope this size fits properly or else I'm out of the denim fabric I found on clearance. I spent about an hour ripping seams trying meticulously not to rip any fabric. Great fun that was, but it'll be well worth it to reuse the fabric, especially since I lined the insides of the pocket with a lovely plaid remnant that I had found months earlier.

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