Friday, July 16, 2010

Remnant Dress

I don’t know about where ya’ll are from but it’s been way too hot where I am. I have another dress to show you, this one is the same pattern as the last one and it was made in September. It's no where near as formal so I can wear it out a little more often, or at least I can wear it to work. I fished through the remnants to find the fabric and purchased them on a whim, thinking “I’ll find something to turn this into!” And something I did turn it into.

I modified the bodice a whole bunch as the pattern was waaaay to large for my girls. The zipper was taken out no less than five times so I could mess with the bodice and attempt to line things up, which didn’t exactly happen. I do wear this one with something covering my shoulders as most of the time I’m too lazy to drag out my strapless bra. So it all works out in the end. I don’t have to wear an uncomfortable bra and I can hide my mistake in lining this up!

I’m currently working on another dress, but I’m having some small issue with the elastic I’m using on it. Hopefully I’ll have things worked out soon so I can get pictures in that. Then those pesky shorts should be to follow.


  1. Hah. It's nowhere near as hot in Seoul as our lovely neighborhood (or at least that's what my family says). Looks nice. Why is it called a Remnant dress though?

  2. It's made of remnant fabric (which is the end of the bolt, less than a yard fabric). And lucky you it being so cool in Seoul!