Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gone Green

I attempted to find some spare time over my weekend to sew... Attempted. I had to work, volunteer, and hang out with friends I hadn’t seen in forever. Sewing sadly did not manage to squeeze its self anywhere in those topics, much to my dismay. I do believe my day needs about 6 more hours in it so I can have relaxing/sewing time. Not going to happen anytime soon.

I did manage to finish a dress I’ve been working on! I see your faces, you’re asking: another dress? Seriously Kat, another dress?? Hmph, would you rather I had sewed a tent? Oh, no, no you don’t like that idea? Good.

This dress gave me problems. We had a long battle, but I somehow manage to win (I may have cheated and threatened it with fire... but I WON!). The dress is from McCall's 6070 and I didn’t have to alter it in anyway, which made me happy. It was the freaken elastic that gave me problems! For part of the pattern elastic has to go around the horizontal panel, top and bottom. So I measure the elastic out and cut it to its specified length. All was good, it was great, then I fed the elastic through the tubes I made and there we ran into issues.

Did I sew the channels to narrow you ask? YES.... I can hear your laughter and your mocking, to which I glare. I got very friendly with my seam ripper and fixed my narrow channels, no problems the second time around. So you’re thinking I’m good to go right? NOPE. The elastic was too long. I pinned the elastic together and tried the freaking thing on to attempt to pull the loops of elastic that were sticking out of the channels, think that did any good? Noooo! I had to cut 9 inches of elastic off each piece!! NINE INCHES!!!!

After figuring that out, swearing, and sewing things togther it went great. I had to cut some of the length off so I didn’t look too short (I’m 5’4” just at the petit cut off) and then hem. The dress doesn’t technically have sleeves which makes it great for when I’m moving down south, I can stay cool and look cute.

Along with zippers, elastic has made its way onto my “EVIL NOTIONS LIST.” ENL for short. Stupid elastic...

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