Thursday, May 19, 2011

On a Hot Summer's Day

When I take notes for my classes I normally lug my computer with me on my half an hour bike ride. I find it much easier to type at rapid speed than to write and risk attempting to decipher my handwriting later. In transporting my computer so often I found that my folders and notebooks liked to attack my laptop with color (I think they’re jealous). To protect my computer from my aggressive notebooks I sewed a laptop cover.

I did this without a pattern. The first go at this was too small and the laptop cover became a pillow cover, complete with a zipper.

I’m still in the process of stash busting, so these two fabrics I had in my box o’ fabric. I had been playing around with how to use the popsicle fabric and I’ve had the purple fabric since, oh, junior year of high school.

In between the two layers of fabric is batting, I’m worried about how much fighting the notebooks and computer are doing in my backpack. I’ve seen the bruises left on my computer, the added padding is needed. This sucker is closed with a zipper, I had thought about doing a flap on this and a tie closure, but the zipper made things so much easier.

This lovely computer cover has been serving me well all quarter. It fits my computer perfectly and I haven’t seen any more discoloration besides my finger prints on my computer.

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