Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Plaid winter wishing skirt

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Yet... I've been super busy adjusting to graduate school down here in Georgia. This weekend was super fun with 3 days of work and an annotated bibliography, test, and presentation all on Monday. Today I have a project due as well. All of that school work left no time for sewing, it's going to send me into withdrawn, not a good thing!

I did manage to get a skirt sewn a few weeks ago. I know, I'm horrible at getting things posted. It took me forever to get a picture of it and then I got distracted (by homework, shiny objects, and perhaps a glass of wine...).
I whipped the skirt together without a pattern, not bad for never doing something like this before. The material is bottom suiting, so it's a bit thick and was a pain and a half to attempt to iron flat (let's just say it didn't happen in some places, stupid stubborn material). I won't be able to wear the skirt for another month or three as it's still 80 degrees down here in Georgia. I believe the skirt would be better off in my native Ohio for this time of year.
Do pardon the socks here, my feet were cold. I slipped the skirt on before I walked to class, which requires wearing socks. Why you ask? Because it takes 40 minutes for me to travel from my apartment to the building where I have classes. Yes, it's a long walk, but it goes by fast for the most part. I may sew later on today, so let's hope there isn't as much of a gap between posts. Or I may just have to start posting about what I'm learning in class. Anyone up for architecture history?

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