Sunday, June 20, 2010

Corduroy Green

I have ignored posting for far too long! I've been a bit busy the past week. My summer class at my community college has started, eating up 3 of my nights and then I've been picking up hours at work (good for the paycheck, just not my sanity). Reven kindly pointed out I hadn't shown anything with sewing so far, so without further ado: the project that got me back into sewing this past year!

The corduroy dress is from the Simplicity 3673 pattern. My friend Alda pointed it out for me, saying she could see me in it... I ended up completing the dress in September/October of 2009. The dress is suited for the colder weather, which works out quite well half of the year!

I received a handful of compliments when I wore it to work a few times. I had to show one of my friends at work the lining to prove to her I made the dress. It's an odd compliment when someone doesn't believe you've sown the object you're wearing. See, the lining is a wonderful purple color. I had some left over fabric from another project and used it as opposed to buying new lining, it worked out well.

If I were to make this again I would adjust the neck a little bit as it gaps off of me. I did adjust the hem when I made it. Dresses that go past my knees make me look a little bit shorter than I am.


  1. Ah. Ever the enigma, Kat. No face, eh? :P Looks very nice. I could totally see you wearing that to your work. Also, the comment about colder weather being the better half of the year is sadly too true. I like the way it fits on you. Does it end above your knee or not? It's difficult to tell from the photograph. Looks nice, Kat. :)


  2. I'd have to get the jumper out and try it on again to be sure of where it fits, but I believe it is at the knee or a slight bit above.