Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh Canada... Oh Wait a Minute...

So, I got around making this quilt in oh... March of this year. As you might be able to tell by the fabric with all of the lovely shamrocks on them. You might very well be asking, Kat what is up with shamrock overload here?

The answer is simple, the quilt was a project for a close family friend, one I actually gave to her today and took pictures right before I wrapped it up. There may be a theme with my sewing presents and me taking pictures of them...

You might be thinking that the lady I gave this to is Irish, or very much enjoys St. Patty's day. Well, you'd be wrong, on both counts. There's a long embarrassing story behind the whole ordeal and I'm not at liberty to share it.

Before this quilt I'd never sewed a quilt before, never even thought about the idea. How could I, the queen of not sitting still, complete a long complicated sewing task such as a quilt? Well, it was cold, that's how I did it! Darn weather in the Northern part of the U.S., with all of your snow, and wind, and horrid cold! I couldn't go outside, so I had to do something inside. I picked out my fabric, got to cutting, organizing, and taking up the entire living room of my house much to my family's dismay. But this sucker got complete after months and months!

It definitely was a learning experience, especially with the batting and sewing three layers together. Would I do another one I hear you ask? More than likely! I'm a glutton for punishment.

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