Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just Keep on Sewing

It took a little while to get my sewing machine back up and ready to sew. But in the last week (or so) since I've posted I do have sewing results to show from it.

I started working on my second wrap dress. The pattern I found on Burda. I don't follow directions very well unless there are a plethora of step by step pictures to guide me along, but the Hope Wrap dress is so very easy, instructions or not (I don't notice if it has them, I'm sure it does though).

The dress started off as a pile on the table I use for sewing, slowly becoming more and more dress like. I finished the dress on Monday, but haven't had time to get any pictures taken or upload anything to my computer (darn you work!).

Somehow I managed to get the wrap dress almost finished within the span of 24 hours. At least I've been productive, right? I just need to get photos of me in said dress... Oi... That requires me setting up my tripod and hoping for decent light. Damn you mass amounts of rain!

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