Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Post Introductions

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I’ve finally, finally started a blog. I’ve been playing around with the idea since, oh, January-ish and finally here it is! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Katja Geist. You can always shorten it and call me Kat. No, it’s not my real name, but for the sake of being mysterious (and slight paranoia) it’s what I go by.

I’m heading off to graduate school come August/September so this is a way of letting people know what’s going on in my life as well as sharing my artistic nature with the Internet community. I have an undergraduate degree in architecture with a minor in art. I’m hoping to go to grad school for Historic Preservation, if all goes well (and the animals sacrifices worked…).

I sew, I cook, I bake, I crochet, I knit, I clean… Wait, wait… Not so much with the cleaning… As some of my friends say I’m the perfect 50’s housewife, minus the husband bit. I’ll share some of my sewing and cooking with ya’ll as well as ranting about life/grad school/and the crazy happenings I’ll get myself into by moving out of the lovely state of Ohio come fall.

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  1. Hey Ms. Geist. Nice to finally see that you have your blog up and running. Say, why didn't you tell me when you first set it up? Now's the part where I pretend to get all upset/bummed out. But we both know better, no? Will respond to your email soon!