Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm Just Going to Sit Still

I wish I could sit still today! I need to hunker down and get cracking on my thesis, which did NOT happen this weekend. I had an art project that's due today, or well is due. I don't have that class until a bit later in the morning. I spent most of this weekend with my exacto knife and paper. The result: four awesome looking snowflakes and one index finger that is in some state of injury.

I ended up working Saturday and Sunday, which wasn't a problem I got another embroidery "sketch" completed. This makes 20 drawings/snowflakes/embroidery pieces that have been completed. Twenty of these suckers are due on Wednesday. Luckily I've been knocking at least one of these out a day.

I decided to broaden my embroidery subjects and attempt a person. I always want to be able to draw people and I often fail miserably. I CANNOT draw faces, I also dislike drawing them as well. I was able to get a decent person as you can see. I'm fairly proud of how this turned out, I don't believe she's totally in proportion, but that's okay. You can tell she's a person and she's sitting.

We'll see what I manage to come up with today. I'm not sure what I'll be up to after my review, aside from a second class. In the words of my undergrad architecture professor: YIKES!

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