Saturday, January 21, 2012

Perspective of Day 8

Another day of embroidery. Can we see this is one of my preferred methods of drawing? I ended up running out of all but the green color on this project. Which was insanely disappointing. I was in class when I whipped this up.

I decided to challenge myself a bit to see if I could do a bit of perspective AND a person. I will admit that this doesn't really look like much of a person. This was how I was taught in undergrad to draw a person by my architecture teachers. Yes, it's pretty much squiggles. All of our hard work in drawing was supposed to go into the building we were working on and we just needed people for sizing.

I don't think this went too terribly. Some of the perspective is off on the one counter-like thing. But it could be much worse. If I would have taken more time and pulled out a straight edge this could have been a bit better, but it works in experimenting.

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