Wednesday, January 18, 2012

White Dragon

This little critter was sewn three years ago. I’m a fan of dragons and the idea of being able to crochet my own made me over the moon. I don’t recall exactly where I got the pattern; I believe it was raverly. I think it’s a snow dragon and I used the wings off of some other critter.
This is an amigurumi piece as it’s crocheted in the round. I learned how to crochet in the round which was great fun as this was my first project doing so. I have since made other dragons, one was given away with the safety eyes. That was fun to do and a pain to get the eyes to fasten together.

As you can see this little guy has some items sticking out of him. I use him as a pin cushion for my yarn needles and crocheting hook. He has yet to complain about being used as such. I've also made a few other variations without as much success. As I'm not feeling too well today, I should make more of these cute little dragons. Sure sounds better then working on my thesis while I'm battling a fever and sore throat. Good news is I have meds for that, although the hospital I went to could not confirm or deny that I have strep throat. But I get meds for it anyways. I am definitely not complaining, although they do make me a bit loopy...

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