Saturday, January 28, 2012

Once Upon a Girl Scout

I am finally caught up with posting my one hour drawings! This may be a bad thing as I haven't done any this past week. I have been working full steam on my first project for my drawing class as well as researching for my thesis and writing that sucker. Needless to say things have been busy!

This is my first time embroidering a person. I'm pleasantly surprised at how this turned out! I copied the image from the cover of "How Girls Can Help Their Country," the first Girl Scout guide book. The book has been lying on my desk for the better part of the past week as its a reference book for my thesis. I got a bit bored looking at the cover and decided to draw, then embroider it.

And I know ya'll are thinking it, I have OPENED the book! Multiple times too and typed in quotes for my thesis! I haven't just been looking at it. I've had enough time to juggle being sick, classwork, class, a project, thesis, researching, and work. There just hasn't been much time for the boy, much to my dismay. Hopefully, that'll change slightly after Monday (the day my art project is due).

On another note, since I have so much freedom with my one hour drawings, would anyone like me to try anything specific? I have a decent ability to draw, so feel free to suggest just about anything.

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