Monday, January 23, 2012

Today is Brought to you by the Letter "A"

This marked the tenth drawing for my class. The review was on Wednesday. I only had to complete ten of these one hour drawings for class thus far. Well, this one was the limit, though not the last one I completed before the review. You probably figured out that there's been a bit of a delay of me posting these. I'm also busy with thesis so when I get the chance I post these suckers in bunches and scatter them throughout the month or else I'll fall off the face of the earth, again.

This happens to be my second favorite after my heart embroidery. This is the letter "A" in ASL. If you are wondering, no I am not fluent in ASL. I know some words and phrases from taking two semesters of it, but I am no where near fluent.  I do happen to admire the language as quite a few of my sorority sisters are capable of speaking it insanely well (many of them are deaf education or special needs education majors).

In high school I'd draw my hands if I got really bored in my classes, this happened a lot. I've known the ASL alphabet since I was in grade school and figured why not draw my hand in the shape of some of the alphabet. Since I haven't drawn my hands in a while (notes were slightly more essential in college and grad classes) I figured the letter "A" would be a good place to start off.

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