Sunday, January 15, 2012


During high school I went through a phase of making felt dragons. I had modified a pattern for a monkey and overbought on the felt. No, I don’t have the dragons with me at the moment. They’re back up North and I won’t be hiking back that way anytime soon.
I did need to find a use for the yards of felt that I had bought. I think I had five yards of felt or something ridiculous. Now, there was no way I was making any type of clothing out of the felt. There wasn’t enough to do a coat and none of the colors matched, that was clearly out of the question. So I picked up a pattern for stuffed animals! 

Here’s an elephant made out of felt. This was a quick pattern from Simplicity 2921 and the instructions were less than perfect. I was expecting a step by step guide much like clothes and I got diagram... Yeah, not impressed, but it was detailed enough that I could  make sense of it. Plus, I ignore the patterns on everything else, so that shouldn’t have been a big deal.

Out of all of the patterns on here I found that the only one that the felt is good for is the elephant. I attempted to do the horse out of felt and that failed miserably. I couldn’t turn the creation right side out.

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