Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I had a bit of time over the weekend at work to assist with one of the programs that children are allowed to do. This program involved embroidery, so I was over the moon! I had to start a project so that I could show the little ones how to do a back stitch. I was surprised how enthusiastic all of the children were about embroidering (they were all girls)!

These letters were from stamps at work, so I cannot claim to have designed the letters at all. The thread is much thicker than what I have here. I really should order embroidery thread or go find some, which is looking rather dismal. Oh, wait... I could have picked some up yesterday when I bought paper at one of the art stores in Savannah. The local Walmart didn't have anything useful, which is disappointing. I digress, working with the thicker thread was much more enjoyable the stitches really pop from the cloth.

And don't worry I went back on Sunday and I ironed all of my pieces so they would lie flat. Yes, that includes my paper pieces. I was informed on a makeup class on Friday that if I turned the steam on my iron off this would be possible. It probably made my weekend! I cannot believe how nice my snowflakes look now that they are flat. Although it'll make them slightly more difficult to transport. Once this quarter is over I'll see what I'll end up doing with everything. I might sell some of the pieces I've been working on, I know a few are going to be given as gifts.

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