Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Third Snowflake, Day 9

I got bored in class after I finished up the last embroidery so I decided to doodle on a piece of paper and see if I could create another snowflake. Well here it is.

I challenged myself with curves and circles. Cutting the circles out with an exacto knife is a huge pain. There are eight layers of paper I have to cut through. Most of the time I open up the snowflake so I can get at the other layers.

Unlike the other two flakes this one did not get finished perfectly. The spokes around the center aren't  perfect. One of said spokes was a casualty. I accidentally tore it off while I was cutting. If I had noticed (or really cared) then I would have taped it back together so no one would have noticed. But as we can see that did not happen.

All and all, this turned out quite well. Once I get a hold of some colored paper I should have fun decorating behind this.

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