Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I used the same pattern for this donkey as the elephant. Or more accurately the same envelop, different pattern.
I was trying to make it look like a horse, but according to my family it looks like a donkey, so a donkey it is! This was done with cotton cloth I had bought. I believe this was part of a remnant I picked up and it was just enough for this lovely critter!

There’s only one small problem with the elephant and donkey. They need to be given away. As cute as they are I would rather give them to friends who have kids as I have none of my own quite yet. But none of my close friends are having kids just yet. These guys may stick around until I have my own... That could be years.
You may have noticed that both of the stuffed animals do not have eyes. I got a bit lazy and decided not to add them. I’ve been told it makes them look Amish, I’m okay with that. 

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