Monday, January 16, 2012

Days 4 & 5 for drawing

I have discovered that embroidering is just slightly addictive. I have also discovered I cannot do a whole lot of it in an hour, especially when it involves lettering. I attempted to go back to my architecture roots here and embroider the plan of a small house (it's a bath house that goes along with my thesis).

I'm not overly pleased with this embroidery. Trying to follow pencil drawings are rather difficult. It's also hard to draw straight lines without a ruler or straight edge, go figure... After that I decided to try another method of drawing: paper cutting.

Now, I chose to attack a snowflake. Maybe I miss the flakes back in Ohio or maybe I just want to torture myself with them. Either way below is my first paper cut snowflake. It's the outline of the states the Appalachian Trail runs through along with some lovely text.

This in itself was a wonderful exercise on patience. This was over an hour and getting all those small details was just a slight pain. But I somehow managed to enjoy working with it. I'm just a glutton for punishment apparently!

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