Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Yet another paper cutting. Aren't ya'll just getting bored of these yet? Well I'm not getting bored of making them! My finger was recovered enough that I could attack some paper today, and attack I did.

When I started this snowflake off  was a bit worried because of all the curve in it. Luckily those curves didn't do quite the number I thought they were going to on my finger. Don't get me wrong, it still hurts because I went ahead and started experimenting with different materials (baaaaaad idea). I have to say I really like this design.

I'm definitely enjoying this paper cutting but my sewing machine is starting to get jealous of my exact knife. Unfortunately, I won't be sewing anything for myself, with the exception of embroidery, until after my thesis is finished. Although, I may get adventurous when my rough draft is finished. We shall see. Until then, I hope you all are enjoying what I've been working on!

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