Sunday, February 26, 2012

Under the Sea

I've finally reached desperation in trying to find things to draw. By that I mean when I go to draw on my pieces of cloth for my one hour drawings I can't think of anything that I should sketch out! This is bothersome because I still have 20 more drawings to do for my class, yes 20. I'm over half way done! Now if I wasn't busier than all get out I would have had these 50 suckers all done in 50 days, but thesis had taken over most of my life. Yes, had. That sucker has been finished in rough draft form for a while. I'm just waiting on revisions. Waiting for those suck.

Anyway, I pulled out one of my old sketchbooks to see if I could find some inspiration. And indeed I did find some! I drew this octopus over a year ago. He looks almost exactly the same in my sketchbook, except he's in color here. I would simply love to paint him, but I don't have paints or canvas here.

I was working on this while talking to my roommate and she pipped up that she wanted him. Oi... At least I know this little guy is cute! I'm not fond of the cut towards the bottom left, this is what happens when I draw things too low on the cloth and use scrap pieces.

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