Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I had a busy weekend again. This of course means my one hour drawings were embroidery. I find that my one hour embroideries are taking longer than one hour. Not that I mind that, it's so relaxing to sit and just embroider. It makes me want to draw more often, which after this quarter is over is just what I think I'll do.

Although, if I do draw more I highly doubt it will be sea creatures. I do like this jellyfish though. It was fairly easy to embroider. The reason its pink was because that was what thread I had on me, lots of shades of pink. The cloth is a bit wrinkly because I didn't have time to iron it quite yet. I spent an hour and a half scanning all of my one hour drawings into my computer. Sounds like bunches of fun doesn't it? Well, it wasn't. I had to scan everything because I'm required to turn in a CD at the end of the quarter with all of my drawings on it. I really want to keep ahead of that as my last day of work is also an important day at my work and it'll be more hectic than ever! Plus, if I do most of the tedious work now I'll have more free time later.

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