Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Swirl Snowflake

I really like the design of this snowflake. It was pretty much just line work that worked out.

I drew this while I was chatting with my boyfriend the one day. I sometimes get antsy when I have to sit still for long periods of time and it helps when something is moving, like a foot or a hand. I just so happened to have a folded piece of paper next to me and here the result is. No... I did not cut this while chatting with the boy. I don't know how to get my phone on speaker and I need both of my hands to cut these.

Also, happy Lent for all of those who celebrate it. Yes, I am fully aware Lent is not supposed to be a happy, exciting time. I've decided that in these lovely 40 days before Easter I'm going to sew myself an Easter dress! I'm excited because it'll be the first garment in months that I have sewn! At least, that's the plan at the moment. I still have to dig through the patterns I have here to see what I have with me and if there's even a decent pattern to use for a dress. If not I'll have to go out and purchase a new pattern, oh darn!

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