Friday, February 24, 2012

Birds of A Feather

Another one hour drawing, this time I got slightly bored at work and started to draw one of the paintings that was in the area I was sitting in. For being in a historic house I can only sit a few places, especially within the house. I keep telling my coworkers that one of these days I'll be in period dress while working on embroidery on the couch that's in one of the rooms. And yes, I am allowed to sit on said couch, it was re-fluffed and the like so us employees could sit in one of the rooms to help keep an eye on things. Apparently people have sticky fingers or something of the like.  

I left out quite a bit of detail with this bird, but it was an hour in the making. I'm not too pleased with the critter, but it's a drawing and I'm working on my skill. I feel like a Victorian girl while I'm working on these, appropriate because I work in a house that dates to the Victorian time.

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