Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Floating Away

Over the weekend I didn't have a whole lot of time. I was attempting to get loose ends tied up with my thesis. My thesis is currently 53 pages and is in desperate need of revision. I finished up what I could, I'm still anxiously awaiting from a source, and sent the sucker off to my committee. I can get this sucker revised in two weeks before the quarter ends, just as long as my teachers get drafts back to me.

While I was attempting to sort out my own revisions and adding in more things I had forgotten I was working on this butterfly. I was going to embroider in some orange as that is the color these butterflies normally are, but this took well over two hours. Considering this is supposed to be a one-hour drawing I wasn't going to put that much effort into it. I'm noticing now that the wings aren't symmetrical... I'm nitpicking,  I know. I really feel the need to keep my sketchbook on me and actually draw thanks to these last two drawings. The bug has bitten me and knows I will have free time soon... Damn it...

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