Saturday, February 18, 2012

Leafing About

Sorry I haven't posted anything in two weeks! I had midterms, multiple art assignments due, and I finished the rough draft of my thesis. Needless to say it's been just a wee bit busy. Luckily for me things have calmed down just a bit and I've managed to get some one-hour drawings completed.

I'm still working on my lovely snowflakes, although I have branched out a bit. I was playing around with design and pattern on this one. I'm not very fond of the center but I do like how it looks as it goes out. Reminds me of looking at the top of a tree, a very symmetrical tree.

Please pardon the dinginess of my cutting board. My last project dealt with clear vinyl which I drew on with permanent marker. Well the permanent marker did NOT want to come off the material after I cut out the shapes and it got all over my cutting board in the process. Once I get around to taking my camera out to my studio I should be able to get a picture of my actual projects at some point.

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