Sunday, March 4, 2012

Down by the Docks

I'm not going to lie, sometimes when I sit down to do paper cutting I simply have no idea what I want to put on paper. Then when I get something drawn I'm not too happy with it and end up winging things.

Well, I didn't particularly care for the docks when I drew the one. Then I started to get my detail in, and well it grew on me. I had to do a bit of taping because I cut something a bit too thin and it tore when I flipped things over. This was cut in white and when I scanned it into the computer I needed a different background, so the black appeared. I think I need to find some spray adhesive and get this attached so that nothing else breaks on this cutting.

Definitely my favorite so far. I can't wait until this quarter is over and I can actually frame a few of these. I would say I'd put them up around my apartment, but I'm moving out soon and there wouldn't be much of a point. For the next apartment though!

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