Friday, March 2, 2012

Bow Tie

I had a review again on Wednesday for these one hour drawings. That of course meant I was frantically working on these things all day on Tuesday. Maybe I should learn to manage my time a bit better? Well, I also scanned all of my drawings into my computer, yes scanned. I found out that I have 43 drawings! The three drawings I squeezed in on Tuesday, I did not actually need! 

I wish I would have know that before I lost feeling in my index finger. Nevertheless I really like this paper cutting. I was an architecture major in undergrad and we had a running joke that architects always wore bow ties, ALWAYS. It was required if you were to be a great architect, like Le Corbusier (one of our teachers adored him, so we were all very familiar with him and his bow tie). In light of those wonderful sleepless nights and the craziness that went on I came up with this, a glorified bow tie.

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