Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The City

I know realize this didn't scan straight. Oh well. I drew this paper cutting while I was working, so pardon the lack of straight lines. This is a different paper than my other cuttings, its a bit thicker and holds up marvelously to thin lines. The really fine detail shows up poorly on the scan, but there are very thin lines in the clouds and in the triangular part of one of the buildings.

I had to go out and purchase a new exacto knife for this. I ran out of blades and the replacements I purchased were not the ones to the blade holder. That meant buying a new holder! Oh, that was fun being at the art store three days in a row. That was just a pain, especially since one of the days it was raining.

There won't be too many updates within the next few days. The quarter is wrapping up and I'm attempting to finish my thesis and my art project done along with these "one" hour drawings. This drawing took three, not one, but three. I can't wait until I can sleep in, in eight days!

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